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HI, Sometimes our Healthcare does not do everything we want it to do and we should help ourselves a bit more, some things I do are read self help books, I enjoy reading outside as it is often quite or more uplifting than my home, in winter months the library or mall is welcoming for this, secondly music amuses me and gets us all through the day, feel free to join music and lyrics group, caring for others is an awesome rewarding pastime but draining, try to be an inspiration instead of a hindrance to yourself, food is also a good way to do this, cooking and recipes, try Nourishment Bistro, crafts like knitting and beading or as I see with some of you painting is great, fabric paint on old bags and sewing on new handles works, you can upcycle grocery bags this way, I would like to get into thrifting as so much can be done with refurbished jeans and clothing, there are loads of websites, housekeeping hacks help as well to give motivation for cleaning, there's also making your own cleansers with essential oil and vinegar and lemon which I shall do in a second, who knows why our lives hit lows sometimes if we are hardworking clean and have good intentions, also inane mundane or brilliant poetry works, but ya'll know all of this already so Peace and Love #Bipolar2 #Bipolar1 #noursh #hobbies #selfhelp #Music #Caregiving

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Looking for friends to chat with I need more community I lost mine.

My story is long so I will make it short looking for friends to chat with I don’t care if your 15 to 100 I just love talking to others and encouraging them because it helps take my mind off of me. I love junk journaling, singing , recording music , painting , reading, laying on the couch binging tv (ok this one not by choice but I learned to love it) and talking to others. Hope we can be friends!
❤️Your sickness doesn’t define you it’s just the fire that molds you into something even stronger.❤️

Message and follow me!
#hobbies #POTS #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #AutonomicDysfunction #MentalHealth #Makeup #Music #Junkjournal #crafts #Letsbefriends #Hope #professionalovercomer

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What’s something interesting :) about you that you’d like to share? Distraction post*

Something fun, unique, your life story, fun facts, hobby, pets, picture, art, therapy, etc whatever helps you or something about you :) you would like to share for fun. #Talk #distraction #Hope #Faith #hobbies #Fun

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ADHD Interest Levels

People with ADHD can struggle when they aren't extremely interested in what they are doing. If they get bored, the novelty of a new job or hobby may give them the adrenaline rush they need. Similarly, people with ADHD enjoy tasks that are more like sprints than marathons.#hobbies #Job

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What are some of your favorite #hobbies

I currently crochet and play the piano, but it’s getting harder to crochet due to my hands locking and lack of muscle coordination. I love anything creative that I can see, and need something to keep busy. Any ideas of new hobbies I should try?
#FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #LegallyBlind #hobbies

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If at first you don’t succeed! Try again!

You know the feeling right. You try to do a simple craft everyone can do and you find a million ways to screw it up? Yea that’s me with this project here. Been working on it for months… all summer. It’s my SmileDirectClub aligners/retainer. I wanted to bedazzle it since I noticed a lot of people do and I thought, “how hard can it be?”

So first I found out acrylic sealer has acetone in it… you know nail polish remover. So some of my pearl rhinestones melted. I had to replace them endlessly. Then I found the sealer even managed to melt the plastic itself? So I’ve tried decorative tape for hula hoops to cover it. Then I keep making stupid mistakes and have to redo the tape. I spilled a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol in my bed at one point!

And then there’s the back joint. I wanted to put tape on it without impeding the function. But it kept bunching up and ripping itself off. I finally got it right! Took different types of glued on top and under the tape and use mail clipped to pin it down and also sealer. But I did it! Mwahahaha!!!

I’m also working to bedazzle the inside but I’ve been stuck in taping for so dang long! …but at the end of the day I’m proud of myself. I failed a million times but kept trying and eventually I always succeed. When the rubbing alcohol spilled in my bed I didn’t scream or freak out. I calmly pick up the bottle and grabbed towels. I’m actually proud of life skills I’ve gained from this simple (well in theory haha) craft!

#crafts #hobbies #positive #CPTSD #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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What is your favorite musical?

Last night my husband got to perform his first show of Into the Woods after missing the entire opening weekend due to Covid. He's been a musical theater performer for most of his life and had taken a hiatus from performing for about 20 years. He decided to dip his big toe back into performing right before Covid shut down theaters. Now that theater is coming back, I'm enjoying watching him thrive as he get's his stage wings back.

I've always loved musicals ever since I was a little girl. Watching them over and over again was a great escape from my own traumatic reality. My favorites growing up were The Music Man, Oklahoma!, Annie, My Fair Lady and Peter Pan. Now as an adult I'm a big Hamilton fan and I loved Come From Away.

Do you like musicals? If so, which is your favorite musical and why?

#Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #Musicals #hobbies #livetheater