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    Really Need Advice

    I really need honest thoughts from anyone that could please help me understand my daughter. What took place is her graduation was June 10th, but I missed it because I was in the hospital. Unfortunately I am disabled and I have issues where my digestion just stops. It is the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life. I am currently following up to see if surgery might be something that could help. Anyways my daughter yelled at me for days saying I was lying and not being honest. She yelled at me asking why did I not call her sooner. When I was put on the ambulance bed I accidentally dropped my cell so I didn’t have her number and I was on morphine for the pain so I just didn’t think about it. Im usually good about calling but I didn’t have her number or anyone else’s number, Im just use to having my cell.

    So a month goes by and I kept trying to get ahold of her to work things out. I ended up finding out that my daughter actually blocked me on her cell. I was so crushed to find this out and its all because I didn’t make it to her graduation. When I last talked to her she was just yelling and said she was going to hang up and go take a shower because that was one thing she could control in her life. Yesterday I texted her stepmom just letting her know about my daughter blocking me. She said, oh your daughter said you blocked her. I told her never would I ever do such a thing. I just got a text from my daughter saying I need to properly apologize then she will talk to me. What did I do I have no idea, and I did already apologize to her letting her know that I would have much rather been with her on her big day. I do see red flags going off in my mind but wanted to see if anyone might have some advise.

    thank you!

    #Daughter #mental health #verbal abuse #paranting #Disability

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