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    Abusive Mom

    Just when I think I’m finally getting along with my mom she treats me like dirt again. I’ve wanted to move out of my parents house since I was 18. I was kicked out at 16 for a short period and lived with my best friend’s family. I never moved out until 30, but would stay with friends, family, and boyfriends prior to that. I’ve faced many struggles in my life. Whenever I seemed to get my life together she’d threaten to kick me out. It’s like she wants to see me fail. She says she loves me and wants what is best for me, but I think she’s selfish. She’ll buy me things and be there for me. She’s a nurse and I know it stresses her out. My father is also disabled. He has IBM, which is similar to ALS. My mom had breast cancer and beat it. That was hard for me. I love my mom, but hate her at the same time. I’ve gained weight from psychiatrist pills I’m basically forced to take and she’ll call me fat and lazy. I’m trying to lose weight, but it’s a struggle. She is even physically abusive sometimes. #venting #unhealthyrelationsips #mom #Daughter #strength #PTSD #Abuse

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    Really Need Advice

    I really need honest thoughts from anyone that could please help me understand my daughter. What took place is her graduation was June 10th, but I missed it because I was in the hospital. Unfortunately I am disabled and I have issues where my digestion just stops. It is the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life. I am currently following up to see if surgery might be something that could help. Anyways my daughter yelled at me for days saying I was lying and not being honest. She yelled at me asking why did I not call her sooner. When I was put on the ambulance bed I accidentally dropped my cell so I didn’t have her number and I was on morphine for the pain so I just didn’t think about it. Im usually good about calling but I didn’t have her number or anyone else’s number, Im just use to having my cell.

    So a month goes by and I kept trying to get ahold of her to work things out. I ended up finding out that my daughter actually blocked me on her cell. I was so crushed to find this out and its all because I didn’t make it to her graduation. When I last talked to her she was just yelling and said she was going to hang up and go take a shower because that was one thing she could control in her life. Yesterday I texted her stepmom just letting her know about my daughter blocking me. She said, oh your daughter said you blocked her. I told her never would I ever do such a thing. I just got a text from my daughter saying I need to properly apologize then she will talk to me. What did I do I have no idea, and I did already apologize to her letting her know that I would have much rather been with her on her big day. I do see red flags going off in my mind but wanted to see if anyone might have some advise.

    thank you!

    #Daughter #mental health #verbal abuse #paranting #Disability

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    Community Voices

    TikTok Vivat21warrior

    <p>TikTok Vivat21warrior</p>
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    Community Voices

    my daughter my friend

    <p>my daughter my friend</p>
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    How to find #Employment with multiple disabilities? Both Emotional & physical disabilities?

    I have been emotionally & physically disabled since I was a child. I use a #Walker currently to get around & cant lift due to #Scoliosis. I also have been stable emotionally for a decade+, but have #SchizoaffectiveDisorder & several other emotional issues. I want to #Work - I don’t want to live on the system for the rest of my life. I’m fiercely independent & want a good life for myself, my #Daughter & my family. I have some college, but no degree due to lack of concentration. Hardly any work experience either. How do I get a #Job? Open to any positive #suggestions

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    As a mother what do I say when my daughter tells me she is sad?

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    Another day in hell

    Hate haven to wake up knowing I’m haven to battle on anther day without my girl, I miss her like crazy and long for the day I’m back with her ##ChildLoss #Grief #Daughter

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    There's a huge difference between the #mother who makes of her #Daughter a #friend , and the mother who makes of her an #enemy ..
    Think about it!! 💔