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    My week and my attitude, glad to be resting

    I started making plarn today. ( for those who don’t know what plarn is, it’s plastic yarn), and finger crocheting rope and the plarn. I'm gonna join the two together to make a bathroom mat.
    Had a lice scare yesterday. But it turned out to just be a case of dry scalp and bad eyesight. High anxiety, I’m still itching just thinking about it.
    I had a little money left over after paying some bills, just enough to buy myself a new bra. Super excited about that. (Having little to no money can also be a source of anxiety.
    Helped the kids (ages 7,5, & 4), clean up their bedrooms and the play room; an all day event and super frustrating for me.
    (I think I'm what people call an authoritarian when it comes to children and cleaning).
    Cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out the pantry, silverware drawer that was also the "catch all " draw, which drives me crazy. The pots and pans and baking sheets and such, hate all that chaos.
    I totes wish being a grandma was easier, Im too old for this mad house life.
    #tired #anxious #ObsessiveCompulsivePersonalityDisorder
    And a few other issues thrown in for good mesure

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