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A Problem Before a Person

The Covid Pandemic has brought out the worst in people. The frustrations of the current situation has meant that I have lost alot of friends and work contacts. I can't say anything right, behave right, or do anything without upsetting people. I feel like I am a Hate Magnet and always seen as something to be endured rather than enjoyed, a problem before I am a person #Depression #SelfDoubt #peoplearemean #Autism



People suck. They’re mean spirited and cruel and they SUCK. They don’t see a 36 year old with a walking stick and think to themselves, you know what I’m gonna make her day a little easier because that looks like it’s no fun at all. No. They bump into you and glare at you and treat you like crap everywhere you go, because why? Because you’re fat and ugly you must be some how deserving of the pain and discomfort you endure on a daily basis? I wouldn’t wish this crap on ANYONE. No-one, in the history of everyone EVER, had ever deserved to be in pain EVERY DAY for the rest of their lives.
I see people treat pregnant women and kids and old people like they should, so why not me? Do I have to put a sign around my neck? “Everything hurts please give me a break”. I shouldn’t have to say it. I shouldn’t have to ask. People should just open their eyes and figure it out for themselves, I’m so sick of trying to explain it to their deaf stupid ears.
#ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #painsucks #peoplearemean

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Why me, why consistent pain every day that wears me out physically and emotionally. Why do friends act like they care only to throw in your face a theory they made up. Why do I have to have this, why am I in this place of total darkness cuz no one cares. Nerve damage and another surgery later I still don’t see the light. #peoplearemean