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Stay or go?

I have to do laundry. I have to LEAVE to go TO the Laundromat. When I Leave Hannah with my 18 year old child, or heck, even my husband when he's home, chances are Hannah will find a way to go down the stairs from her room and get into the kitchen and her dad's room to take things. She's a little klepto. I can say until I am blue in the fact, dear child please understand that these are not your items. They do not belong to you. And she either does not understand or understands but chooses to just blow right by what I said.
Yeah, figure it out. But I know that when I leave this house I will return to the mystery of what Hannah took today. And it will be my job to find those things, repair/clean/return to owner.
That's my time off. Score.   #Caregiving #DevelopmentalDelay   #DevelopmentalDelay   #ineedabreak

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respite center #mentahealth #MDDWITHANXIETY #ineedabreak #ineedyourhelpmighty #

I'm trying a good respite center to go to for a week sometime in February in NYC. And I just wanted to know what was your experiences so I can know what to expect to happen. And how it was for anyone since I'm a little nervous. this will be the first time I've done something that is completely for just me.


Just trying to make it through

3rd day this week I haven't wanted to leave my home. I was able to get myself out the last couple of days but today I can't do it. The anxiety makes me feel like such a failure but the depression just makes me want to sink into bed and reminds me how worthless I always feel. #Depression #ineedabreak