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    You matter

    You matter to people you don't even know notice you exist.

    When I was a waitress I had a regular customer who always sat alone and ordered the same thing. He was friendly with sad eyes. I loved serving him even though I never got to know him.

    One day I made him his usual out of habit and was surprised to find his booth empty. He killed himself. I cried for three months whenever anyone ordered that drink. I still wonder what I could have said to change his mind. I wonder if I missed a cry for help.

    The point is I don’t think this man knew I would notice he was gone. I don’t think he knew I’d care. I don’t think he’d ever imagine that 16 years later it keeps me up at night that I didn’t save him. You have people who would surprise you by feeling your absence, by caring that you were in pain, by missing you long after you are gone.

    #Suicide #Hope #peoplecare


    It's okay not to be okay

    My heart & thoughts go out to you - especially at this time of year where there is even more pressure to be "jolly". It's okay not to be okay. May you experience as many little moments of relief and smiles as possible over the holiday and may the year ahead involve some good feelings, laughter and happy times for you.
    Please know you're cared for, thought of and not alone. Healing and warmth your way this holiday. Best wishes, Lisa Young, U.K
    #WarmWishes #itsokaynottobeokay #goodthoughtsyourway