I had sleep paralysis at 7 twice, it went away until a certain medication I took set it off. I stopped the medication as the psychiatrist said. The nurse wasn't answering the phone (she quit and no one was answering the phone for her). I had sleep paralysis for 2 weeks straight and ran off of 1-2 hours of sleep because I kept waking up, unable to move and speak as well as see hallucinations and hear things. I asked my psychiatrist if it was any of the meds I took for anxiety and depression and she said "no". I asked my PCP and said to ask my psychiatrist and vise versa. I asked my PCP for a sleep study but I was "too young" to be having problems, its "probably the psych meds" and the "chances of sleep paralysis is slim". Later on I BEGGED him for a sleep study. Turns out I have sleep phase disorder, sleep paralysis and periodic limb movement. this is not made to be a put down, i just want yall to know to never give up if you feel unwell, keep going and remember you'll make it through
Love ya

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