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Do I belive them?

The doctor says "it's all in your mind",
So I believe him.

But once upon a time...

The doctor said "it's just a sprain",
So I believed....until it never went away,
Forcing myself through hours of PE lessons, orchestra rehearsal and dance shows,
Turns out it was neurological disease.

The doctor said "it's only asthma"
So I believed him....until I stopped breathing,
Countless trips to the ED and ambulance call-outs,
Turn out I was allergic to my inhaler.

The doctor said "You have an eating disorder",
So I believed her.....for over a year
9 hospital admissions and a stay in HDU later,
Turns out my stomach doesn't work.

The doctor said "it's just growing pains",
So I believed him for 13 years,
Until I stopped growing and the pain was still there,
Turns out I have a connective tissue disease.

So now when a doctor says "it's all in your mind",
Do I believe them?

#ChronicIllness #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Asthma #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Gastroparesis #ChronicPain #believeme #MightyPoets #Poetry


The doctor who said I was too young to have sleep problems

I had sleep paralysis at 7 twice, it went away until a certain medication I took set it off. I stopped the medication as the psychiatrist said. The nurse wasn't answering the phone (she quit and no one was answering the phone for her). I had sleep paralysis for 2 weeks straight and ran off of 1-2 hours of sleep because I kept waking up, unable to move and speak as well as see hallucinations and hear things. I asked my psychiatrist if it was any of the meds I took for anxiety and depression and she said "no". I asked my PCP and said to ask my psychiatrist and vise versa. I asked my PCP for a sleep study but I was "too young" to be having problems, its "probably the psych meds" and the "chances of sleep paralysis is slim". Later on I BEGGED him for a sleep study. Turns out I have sleep phase disorder, sleep paralysis and periodic limb movement. this is not made to be a put down, i just want yall to know to never give up if you feel unwell, keep going and remember you'll make it through
Love ya

#StopTheStigma #believeme #nottooyoung #sleepparalysis #sleepstudy #notalwaysmeds #BeStrong #keepgoing #sleepphasedisorder #PeriodicLimbMovementDisorder

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I’m Silent

It doesn’t matter if you #complain because no one likes #complainers and they don’t #believeme anyway, so here I sit quietly in #ChronicPain ...


Too Normal

I'm tired of people not believing me because I'm "normal." Yes, I manage to go to work and grocery shopping. But I don't know when the last time I showered or brushed my teeth was. I haven't done any housework in who knows how long. Sleeping 12+ hours a day just to get away from the thoughts in my head isn't unusual.

So when you ask "Do you really take all these medications? Really? Wow" or "You've met the criteria for that long? For the entire time?"

Yes, I take all those medications. I'm pretty sure they're the main reason I'm alive. And yes, I've met the criteria for MDD for that long, as if a diagnosis is the end all be all of mental health.

I just wish people, and those are two comments from professionals, would think before they speak. Just because I seem "normal" on the outside doesn't mean what's going on inside my brain is anywhere close to normal. They are called MENTAL illnesses for a reason, you can't always see them.

And that doesn't even start to cover how exhausting it is to have to pretend all the time.

#Depression #Pretendingtobefine


I know I have Lyme Disease, why cant my doctor figure it out. Every test comes back saying I am healthy but I know my own body. #help #LymeDisease

I was bit by a tick, I had the bulls eye rash/mark and my symptoms have slowly gotten worse since it happened. They didn't start until a few weeks after and now I can barely walk.
But Lyme disease doesn't "exist" where I live, my doctor believes in it but claims I m healthy when I am not. I am 23 living in a 80 year old body.
#someonehelpme #believeme #LymeDisease