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sleep paralysis on bipolar?

hey, just wondering if anyone's been through this. I've been in the middle of a depressive episode for about a month or so, today I had one of the worst sleep paralysis I've ever had, I spent what felt like half an hour unable to move or speak and having visual and auditory hallucinations...

my psychiatrist says that's just a sign of depression messing with my sleep. can anyone relate?
how do you manage trouble sleeping during either depression or mania?

#BipolarDisorder #sleepparalysis

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Scared to try again ..... #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #Upallnight #sleepparalysis #SleepDeprivation

Since I've been unwell my sleep paralysis has came back mostly every night even the nights I haven't took my medication.

That horrible feeling of being absolutely exhausted as I'm in so much pain eyes are nipping as I am soo tired and all I want to do is be able to fall asleep....

Yet I'm too scared and anxious as that gut wrenching,sickening feeling is too much to handle again .Although it may only be few moments it feels like hours.I end up in tears ,sweating ,struggling for breath which I am already finding hard being so unwell at the moment.

Does anyone have any tips for this please????

#Anxiety #PanicAttacks #Depression #Insomnia #sleepparalysis #SleepDeprivation #CheckInWithMe #COVID19 #Stress #scared #loveyourself #Bekind #Paranoid #Upallnight


#dreams #sleepparalysis

I can’t remember the last time I had a good dream let alone good sleep. My dreams are always at night & dark sometimes turn into sleep paralysis 🥲 am I the only one who only has bizarre and dark dreams ?


#dreams #sleepparalysis

I can’t remember the last time I had a good dream let alone good sleep. My dreams are always at night & dark sometimes turn into sleep paralysis 🥲 am I the only one who only has bizarre and dark dreams ?


Sleep paralysis #Poetry #MightyPoets

I felt like I was on the ocean floor with a

million gallons of water weighing me down.

I couldn’t move or even struggle,

all I could do was lay there and drown.

My eyes were so heavy

They wouldn’t open.

I was completely blind, helplessly 

immersed at the bottom of the ocean.

My brain kept telling my body to move

but it was paralyzed and frozen,

being engulfed by the angry 

tidal waves of the ocean.

My lungs filled with water

as I gasped for air,

hopelessly drowning 

in the vast ocean of despair!

#Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #sleepparalysis

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Sleep Paralysis Experience

I have nightmares quite often where I dream about things I am often worried about like someone dying, car accidents and getting fired from work. But the other night I had one of the most frightening experiences with sleep paralysis. I have experienced it before but never to this extent.

It started with a dream that I was climbing across this blue pole which was really high up. Part way across I realised I had taken the wrong route and should have climbed across the red pole instead. Random, I know 😂.

Suddenly, I fell off and started sinking into darkness. By this point I was awake but I was completely paralysed. I couldn't open my eyes and I tried really hard to move but couldn't move my body at all. I started seeing all these swirly shapes which were hallucinations and I felt like this dark figure was over me pinning me to my bed. I have never been so terrified.

My heart was going so fast and I felt like I was being suffocated so I was gasping for air. I tried so hard to scream but nothing was happening. I eventually managed to start speaking out loud muttering whatever I could think of to wake myself up from sleep paralysis and that's when I could finally open my eyes.

I have never had an experience so scary with sleep paralysis before. I was too scared to go back to sleep for a while in case it happened again. Usually I can wake myself up really quickly but I felt really trapped and couldn't move for a good few minutes. I am wondering if with all the things going on in the world, I am getting a lot of anxiety which may have caused this 😬. Wondering if anyone else has ever had an experience like this? 😳

#SleepTerrors #sleepparalysis #Sleep #Anxiety


The doctor who said I was too young to have sleep problems

I had sleep paralysis at 7 twice, it went away until a certain medication I took set it off. I stopped the medication as the psychiatrist said. The nurse wasn't answering the phone (she quit and no one was answering the phone for her). I had sleep paralysis for 2 weeks straight and ran off of 1-2 hours of sleep because I kept waking up, unable to move and speak as well as see hallucinations and hear things. I asked my psychiatrist if it was any of the meds I took for anxiety and depression and she said "no". I asked my PCP and said to ask my psychiatrist and vise versa. I asked my PCP for a sleep study but I was "too young" to be having problems, its "probably the psych meds" and the "chances of sleep paralysis is slim". Later on I BEGGED him for a sleep study. Turns out I have sleep phase disorder, sleep paralysis and periodic limb movement. this is not made to be a put down, i just want yall to know to never give up if you feel unwell, keep going and remember you'll make it through
Love ya

#StopTheStigma #believeme #nottooyoung #sleepparalysis #sleepstudy #notalwaysmeds #BeStrong #keepgoing #sleepphasedisorder #PeriodicLimbMovementDisorder


anyone else have nightmares and sleep paralysis? #sleepparalysis #Nightmares

I've been free of nightmares for a good 6 months, and sleep paralysis for over a year. However, lately the nightmares are back and tonight the sleep paralysis came too. it's so scary and it makes me hate sleeping more. I hate feeling like something or someone is around me or harming me or intruding. I felt like that for so long before in real life I don't want to go back to it or have things hau ting me in my sleep. Im a very scared person and even more so when it comes to this. #PTSD #nightterrors #scared #Night #alone #Safety #Insomnia