I’ve been using substances to cope with my bipolar and cptsd & fibromyalgia for years and I finally decided I hit my bottom & admitted to myself I have a problem and have been sober for one month and almost two weeks. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with emotions and my cptsd gives me flash backs and makes me disassociate and have horrible nightmares. I have been journaling and drawing again and using self care so I’m feeling much better. I get drug tested every two weeks bc I take a special medication that has saved my life, but it’s awesome because I’m holding myself accountable. I also have fibro so it’s hard managing it now because I don’t use to get rid of the pain. But, today I can finally say I’m at peace with myself. Today I have clarity and if I have mood swings I have self awareness and use my coping skills finally. I hear my family tell me they’re proud of me and that means the world to me! And for once I’m proud of myself !! #selfgrowth #CPTSD #BipolarDisorder #Polysubstanceabuse #Fibromyalgia