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Did what I thought I couldn't

Yesterday I was up at 5am after a night of crap sleep and found myself driving through the UAE desert toward the mountains of Ras Al Khaimah. My friend and I brought our dogs along for a tree hour hike of Wadi Shawka. At first I thought, what was I thinking? I don't have the vitality for this! But I surprised myself because not only was I able to do it (yes I thought I might have to reach for my inhaler at the beginning, and my bad knee felt like it was going to give out any time) but I got home and didn't feel exhausted, didn't need to rest it off. Something about being out in the mountains gave me energy rather than draining it. I'm really proud of myself for getting my butt out there and finally just doing it! #Hiking #accomplishment #ChronicFatigue #ChronicIllness #postlyme #LymeDisease

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Finally getting the tests I need #Diagnosis

It has been 7 years since I got Lyme and was "never the same again" and 3-4 years since I was made to realise there's something autoimmune that's happening here. Yet after many visits to different doctors it all seemed so hopeless, they all did basic bloods and shrugged when all seemed fine. Even the internal medicine doctor ordered a bunch of nonsense tests. Finally one of my friends suggested I see a rheumatologist, who is ordering a proper autoimmune panel.

On one hand, I am hopeful. Could I finally get some answers? On the other hand, I am scared. What if I finally get some answers? What if I get confirmation that I am indeed going to be living with a lifelong chronic illness?

I know we shouldn't think that way. But it's the reality of it, if these tests come back conclusive.. Am I ready for it? #ChronicIllness #bloodwork #postlyme #autoimmune