The pic is me trying to figure out Snap Chat. An app I downloaded 2 years ago and now with all this...TIME 🤦🏽‍♀️ decided to try it out. I LOVE the filters so fun. Well I messed up and had sugar too late so on top of my usual isomnia I'm buzzing with sugar.
Was trying to download a pic of a kid running around a store out of control, cause part of me feels that way. A bit anxious. I know if I watched less news...but then I'd miss something.
You know it's amazing how as you get older you find out stuff you feel you should have found out looking ago. In the middle of this pandemic, my mom decided to tell me she thinks I'm probably #immune cause when I was a baby I had Rosiola (?) for four months straight with high fevers and everything. "Yep! You went from a far butter ball to a little scrawny something, but we beat it!' 🙄 Like why am I just now finding this out. I mean I'm sure this info would have made me feel better years ago from the parent brain damage I suffered at some point and I think that just might be it. Amazing😒😬 Yeah, my mom has also warned me to take quick showers cause she thinks there's Corona in the water. I didn't have the heart to tell her I take baths...loooong baths with wonderful smelling Epsom salt. Hey, I ain't afraid to die of cleanliness. I'm saved. My heart is clean...Sudden death Sudden glory is what I say🙌🏽. Just don't want to die a slow painful death. I pray God had mercy on those suffering right now.
My fingers are numb. I know it's cause I'm borderline diabetic...that and after working on computers all my life a lil carpal tunnel...maybe...I don't even care anymore. So what! So what I can't feel textures half the what! LOL
God bless whoever reads this. Welcome to the kaleidoscopic corners of my mind. I find that writing is not only cathartic bit it helps with the racing thoughts. This...and Fortnite. I LOVE Fortnite💕🤗 I have 5 kids, call it bonding 👍🏽

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