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Odd COVID symptoms #COVID #COVID -19 #CoronaVirus #corona

Just wondering if any of you here had COVID-19 and what were your symptoms.

I had it last year and had the usual fatigue and lack of smell, but no upset stomach or respiratory symptoms even though I have occasional asthma. Overall, I’ve had many plain colds which were 10x worse than my case of Covid.

I had one unusual side effect I haven’t heard from anyone else. I’m almost 48 and the headache I have had as long for as long as I can remember went away. I still had the sore neck, joints, back, and tinnitus- but the place in the left side of my brain that *always* hurts stopped. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like if for those ten days if you were to open the room in my brain that is normally a torture room, there was nothing except a silent white space. I had this euphoric high from the lack of headache and it’s really messed with my view of the big, bad pandemic since I quite enjoyed my time with Covid. I was able to sleep better than I have the rest of my life. I slept deeper than ever and woke up without the pain of a headache. I hoped it would stay gone, but as I got well, the headache returned and has stayed with me.

I wonder if it was the virus or how it worked to shut down the olfactory system? Or just another odd Covid thing? Or odd EDS thing. Anyone else have weird Covid experiences?

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Yes, there is Corona. Yes, I am on a tight budget. But yes, I still decided to go on holidays. I am spending a couple of days on a campground in the countrie's South, in a lush valley of the Alps. I May have just arrived 4 hours ago, but I already feel Very relaxed. I only hear laughter of other holidaymakers, and the sound of the river.
How do you spend your holidays in a Post-Corona-time? # depression # Covid #corona #Anxiety #HolidayTips #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #budgetcuts #SummerCamp


First day back at work

I started work again today after 4 months off. I have been too scared and anxious to go back because of COVID. I've always been scared and paranoid about germs, diseases COVID feels like my worst nightmare. Scared to get my family sick but taking every precaution at work and at home.
And my first day back went well! Let's just hope it continues this way!
#Postivity #COVID19 #corona #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #phobias #Anxiety #Anxiety #covidanxiety
Conquering fears 💪


I've gone from working a 35 hour week being a manager at a store, along side studying at college, now after corona, I've passed my college course, and lost my job. I've gone from having barely any time to doing nothing.
#corona #lostjob #worthless #useless #empty


Anyone else got loved ones/are in Care Homes in the UK that are opening to visitors?! #COVID19 #corona

My fathers care home has just told me they're planning on opening to visitors in 2 weeks. I feel this is another government and lack of care for disabled lives. There is no science to show it's even safe for lockdown to be eased for those who are healthy, let alone the least vulnerable.

I wanted to reach out to see if this is an isolated case or not, does anyone else think this is ludicrous?!

Thanks in advance, Opalx


Coping with boredom at home #boredom #MentalHealth

Hey guys , I hope this is useful for everyone out there struggling with boredom or with this tome , and heres from a teenagers mind on how to keep yourself busy through this time or just in genreal !

 1. Call or write to a friend you havent seen in a while

  2. make a craft out of old clothes

  3.   re read old diaries

4. make something for ur kid everybody loves suprises

5. take a drive somewhere

 6. create a weird meal from your fridge

  7. look back on old happy bliss memories

8. look at yearbooks

9. read a childhood book you have or find it online

 10.  bake a treat for neighbors or bake something for local animal shelter

11. clean out old stuff

 12. wash sheets
   Hope this was helpful

 lots of love,
Alyssa #CopingTips #corona #stayathome

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Cabin Fever at 3:33 in the morning

The pic is me trying to figure out Snap Chat. An app I downloaded 2 years ago and now with all this...TIME 🤦🏽‍♀️ decided to try it out. I LOVE the filters so fun. Well I messed up and had sugar too late so on top of my usual isomnia I'm buzzing with sugar.
Was trying to download a pic of a kid running around a store out of control, cause part of me feels that way. A bit anxious. I know if I watched less news...but then I'd miss something.
You know it's amazing how as you get older you find out stuff you feel you should have found out looking ago. In the middle of this pandemic, my mom decided to tell me she thinks I'm probably #immune cause when I was a baby I had Rosiola (?) for four months straight with high fevers and everything. "Yep! You went from a far butter ball to a little scrawny something, but we beat it!' 🙄 Like why am I just now finding this out. I mean I'm sure this info would have made me feel better years ago from the parent brain damage I suffered at some point and I think that just might be it. Amazing😒😬 Yeah, my mom has also warned me to take quick showers cause she thinks there's Corona in the water. I didn't have the heart to tell her I take baths...loooong baths with wonderful smelling Epsom salt. Hey, I ain't afraid to die of cleanliness. I'm saved. My heart is clean...Sudden death Sudden glory is what I say🙌🏽. Just don't want to die a slow painful death. I pray God had mercy on those suffering right now.
My fingers are numb. I know it's cause I'm borderline diabetic...that and after working on computers all my life a lil carpal tunnel...maybe...I don't even care anymore. So what! So what I can't feel textures half the what! LOL
God bless whoever reads this. Welcome to the kaleidoscopic corners of my mind. I find that writing is not only cathartic bit it helps with the racing thoughts. This...and Fortnite. I LOVE Fortnite💕🤗 I have 5 kids, call it bonding 👍🏽

#Snapchat #fortnite #Insomnia #Diabetes #Prediabectic #numbness #Premenapause #COVID19 #corona


Why am I kissing my eyebrows?

So after all the covid 19 issues and being isolated. I’ve become more stressed than normal and had many break downs like a lot of people i know that have anxiety depression so on. But the last 2-3 days I’ve had chunks of my eye brows just falling out. They were super thick and had a lovely shape they’re now Rhône’s and random chunks are gone. What do I do?? I’m very concerned and feel awful looking at myself.
#Anxiety #Depression #COVID #corona #COVID -19 #brows #Loss #ugly #hatehowilook #why? #Whattodo

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Elderly Couple Contention

Because of the Pandemic, my husband and I have been fighting more. I want to feel safe and supported and he thinks it is all a big joke. He likes to listen to the radio stations that claim it is all political. We end up in separate rooms most of the time because we can't get along. I feel he is disrespectful to those that have suffered or died because of COVID 19. Is anyone else out there having the same contention with their spouse? How can we live together in peace at this difficult time? #pandemic #COVID19 #Virus #contention #corona