It’s about 5am Az time and I’m up exhausted but in so much pain I can’t get comfortable. The past few days have been super bad with pain and a little emotional. I had a breakdown today and called my Grandma sobbing from my car, she always helps me feel better. Last week I found out I needed another CT scan, another outpatient procedure and possibly more. The more part was scary but I’m not there yet 🙏🏼

I felt guilty for not being able to get to the Post Office and mail a package, something normal!!
I felt guilty for the help I needed to get up from the bathroom floor after giving my Poppy girl a bath today. I also felt guilty for not walking her today, first day in a little while that I wasn’t able to push through.😕

But what I realized is that she was just as happy playing with her new mini pink soccer ball in the backyard with me. She just wanted to spend time with me 💖She licked my tears until I laughed and threw the ball again. On the days I can’t give 100% for myself, I give it to my sweet Princess Poppy girl 🐕👑She’s my driving force and my why!! Sending hugs to you all ✨

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