Hi, my name is iris. I'm a 17, alt/fairygrunge/dark academia/indie/y2k/cybery2k or punk darkskin black girl who lives in GA. I'm here because I feel alone. Very lonely. I feel like my mind and issues are way "too-much" for everyone and everything. I have loving ppl in my life. I just still feel alone. I want to not only educate others who "think" they "get it", but also find out more about myself and confirming my own thoughts and knowing i'm not "faking it", "Trying to make others feel bad", "making it all about me" "being too sensitive or not having thick skin" "complaining" "being self absorbed or too entitled" "doing this on purpose for attention or pity to benefit me in any way" "lazy" and on & on. Being a christian who loves God so so so much is hard since i deal with mental illness, its not that i "don't have faith strong enough". I also deal with sexual trauma/abuse , ADHD, depression & anxiety, negative self-esteem, being lesbian (and devout-progressive-christian) and really feeling free and comfortable in my sexuality and also not be ashamed in any community (especially since im black, my lovely gf is boricua (puerto rican) we're Long-distance btw), i have a story to share as you can see but i wanna learn about myself and others. So I wanna read everyone else's book too :) be safe you're amazing, you may not believe it but I hope eventually you can. It's hard, it's ok not to be ok, I'm here and I love you. I'm also so so very proud of you for just existing. Also off topic just thought of it but i really wanna start to have hobbies i love so im starting with pottery and harp playing so if you experienced enough and have been for at least 4 months consistiently (dont feel bad if you aren't cutie) then pls HELP A BLACK PERSON OU- yes :) ALSO IM LEARNING VIETNAMESE SPANISH AND FINISHING/REVIEWING *again more* KOREAN I NEED HELP- anyways by for now i really typed to much, more than i shouldv'e it 2:08 Friday june 10 i need sleep byieee & Mwah<3 listen="" to:="" "doll"-="" by="" shrimp="" "japaneese="" denim"="" -="" daniel="" caesar="" "the="" dress"="" dijon="" "hornylittlelovesickmess"="" girl="" in="" red="" "rider"-="" mereba="" "planet="" u"-="" "beige"-="" terrace="" martin="" ,="" arin="" ray="" "tek="" it"-="" cafune="" "haunted"-="" ralph="" castelli="" (and="" high,="" lonely,="" and="" morning="" sex="" him,="" he's="" one="" groovy="" alaskan="" dude)="" "old="" town"-="" say="" sue="" me="" (korean="" indie="" band)="" "if="" you="" only="" knew"-="" yayoung="" "nabi"-bbibi="" "miracle="" sun="" anthony="" green(="" harp="" cover)"-="" lizz="" vega="" *not="" the="" remix="" unless="" u="" want*="" contact="" if="" want="" more="" song="" recs="" i="" guess,="" its="" a="" mix="" of="" alot="" so="" yea.="" be="" safe="" please="" get="" snack="" know="" thought="" eating="" is="" lowkey="" annoying<33="" *p.s="" said="" anything="" that="" invalidated="" (even="" we="" have="" similar="" struggles)="" im="" sorry="" love="" you,="" didn't="" mean="" it="" mk?="" promiseies="" yes="" promiseies)="" *<33!!="" #ADHD #Depression #Anxiety #selfesteemissues #progressivechristian #Christian