So my two children. Son age 21, Daughter28 have both in the past- Told ppl I beat them/ which never happened once, accused me of other abuses, when in fact they spent years Gaslighting me & Verbally @ Emotionally abusing me. Their father died 8 yrs ago/ & it seems they converted their Grief to Rage against me.

I have gone to therapy & so have they. Recently I took another hiatus from my daughter for a couple months, because she was back to telling lies and emotionally abusing me.
Today for the first time in two months I spent time with her and my son face-to-face, at the lake. I was completely amazed at how much anger I have towards her. It was difficult for me to listen to her talk about how one of her friends accused her of things that she never did, and told other people that she did things she never did, and how unfairly she was treated- when in fact that was exactly what she's done to me for years. It triggered me big time! I was afraid of what might come out of my mouth, if I spoke about the parallels in the moment, so I just nodded and sympathized a little and then change the subject.
I'm at home now, and I am still so angry, and I don't know how to deal with the situation, because she refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoings that she's ever done ever to me.
Her recent absence from my Life has enabled me to not be on constant guard all the time. So Today- it was really difficult to shine those comments on. Plus- Its difficult not to wonder if what she said was True at all- or just a deliberate (successful) attempt at triggering me.
I want to wring her neck! & I- at this moment- really dont care if I dont see her for six more months.
Nothing good ever comes of our get together's..