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🚗Random Act of Car Kindness 🚗

A quick story, sorry if this is a bit long or doesn't make sense, my brain says it one way and my words come out another 🤷.
I have a fear of driving, I'm a very conscienscious driver, almost grannyesque but at least I work through it and I drive 👊. In front of me is a car full of, to my assumption would be late teens, early 20's. They were all vibing to music as I can see their heads bobbing in every direction. So we all slow down, me being the 1.5 car length granny behind everyone, gave this kid the opportunity to move backwards to let another lady turn the left way, allowing another car to go into traffic and another guy pulled in, in front of the kids. It was like a 5 way, you go now act of car kindness. All this literally at a red light. I've never seen it happen. The best part was everyone waved thank you. I about crapped my pants being witness to this! What the....😃. It was so awesome!
Sometimes being kind and opening your heart even just a crack, helps the soul mend and bend a bit.🤸Even if it is just to let someone in traffic so they don't road rage on someone else. 🚗
#ActOfKindness #Roadrage #Vibing #smile


#Anxiety #Roadrage so angry

I get so angry when I drive. I get angry when people don’t go the speed limit. That’s it. Nothing else on the road angers me. And I get so furious! Like I have to pull over. I take back roads to get to work. More trees, less cars. Traffic is too stimulating. And then I’m mad for the rest of day. He do I shake it? Road rage anyone? #patience #Anxiety