Hi Mighty Ami(e)s!

I am a fan of journaling and am currently working through Rupi Kaur’s Healing Through Words List Poem Exercise. I would love to share this exercise with you & hopefully we can have some loving , supportive moments along the way ❤️. You can find the exercise prompt directly from Kaur’s book below:

A list poem is a poem written in the format of a list. It’s an inventory of people, places, things, or thoughts. The list can be written however you’d like: jot notes, long lines, bullet points, or numbered. A well-written list poem tells you a story through the items it lists.

1. You can use any of the following topics below or create your own:
- Grief
- Anxiety
- Failure
- Shame
- Pain
- Self - doubt
- Hope
- Losing
- Trying
- Friendship
- Love is
- Love isn’t

2. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes (the poem can be as long as you’d like, the key is free writing)

Looking forward to reading and learning more about you & your brave souls ❤️.