Hey everyone,
I am in the worst flare up of my life, codeine or cocodamol is not working, it feels like when i take it the pain increases dramatically to push past the medication or something, any things anyone has tried that provides relief asap? , I haven't slept in three days and am seeing vivid hullucinations and SEVERE mood and personality changes, i use ice packs, cold showers, hot water bottles, i cant use the tens machine anymore as instead of helping it sends off pain signals 20/10. Preferably on amazon or ebay but willing to try anything at this point. Suggestions please, my gp got my bloods back said nothing there is causing it so said neurology will be contacted any my appointment soon. I'll appreciate any advice rnso much, i legit think im going crazy with pain!! #Pain #help #Advice #legs #Nerves #MS