For the last 2 weeks, I've been screaming out for health to the GP(general practitioner) health and to reduce the amount of medication am getting. So instead of two months supply id only gets one month and my constant bruises for no reason. Anyways I had been phoning the doctor surgery every day at 8 am trying to get an appointment to be told phone back tomorrow. So after 2 weeks I burst told the receptionist that if she didn't get a doctor to phone me back that I was going across the road and camping out in the practice until I speak to someone. Eventually managing to get myself fitted in after saying there were no available appointments 🙄.. One emotionally exhausted me I get oh your depression has hit a low point... Am like duh that's why am on the phone asking for help because of the racing thoughts the magical bruises and too much medication laying around my house because I can't remember if I've taken them or not and have double dosed a few times he's now put on record that is actively attempting suicide 😖 it's bad times when you can just phone the doctors to ask them for help with a few things like giving me fewer supplies each month and to check the dosage. But he did get me in to get a blood test and a few red flags later something not right and yet again can't get the doctors to phone me back to explain what's going on with me but have got myself another blood test scheduled in with the nurse. 😑

Everyday I get up and the first thing I see is this quote be strong today. It's my gentle reminder that no matter what happens I can do it, it will pass
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