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Shocked by being shocked! 😮

Every day, I put on nerve relief and muscle relief on and around the battery pack generator. It helps but yesterday, it shocked me! The tip of my first finger. I had to finish putting it on and it kept shocking me. I was shocked 4-5 times and one of them shocked BOTH the first finger and the second one. I was very surprised because it has never happened before. It shocked me just now when I was putting it on again. I have to use it because like I said it works. It’s Theraworx. You can buy it on Amazon. Yes, that is spelled right. I got the 5% lidocaine patches from my doctor. I wish they could prescribe 10% if there is one. It seems at first it works like the 4% but when I stopped using it and then needed it, it’s actually much stronger. But the whole point, the battery generator shocked me!

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just a thought,


#CRPS #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #scs #spinalcordstimulator #SpinalCordInjury #Sci

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Neurosurgeon looked at my xray and said it was normal however, I don’t know why but he took another look at it and said the leads of the SCS have moved. The biggest thing is that it causes severe pain. Something is compressing my nerves or spine or something. I think the battery pack or generator is either the culprit of the compression or the leads are or both. They asked me if I wanted a revision or removal. After all the hell I have been through with the SCS, it’s definitely a removal. I’m so happy to get this thing out of me! Now, this isn’t exactly normal for SCS so don’t get discouraged. This is quite rare but all my life of medical problems, it’s always been rare. Anyway, I got to make an appointment to discuss this with Neurosurgeon and I’m assuming about the surgery to remove it and make sure I really want this. I’m going to ask him if the severe pain from the leads are the same symptoms as sciatica or the cause of degenerative changes. But he has said he’s just a surgeon which made me laugh when my mom told me. I wasn’t paying attention. I was very out of it that day. If he says anything about the SCS and pain, I’m going to quote him, “that doesn’t happen”. 🤣🤣 sorry, I can’t help it. I like f-ing with people.

I have found the best nerve relief and muscle relief products. Theraworx. It’s on Amazon (I’m obsessed) and it’s of huge help. It’s kind of a pain in the ass because you put it on, let it dry and repeat but it’s completely worth it. You can do it as many times as needed but give it time to work. It won’t take long. It dries fast and then you put it on again. It’s for everyone, not just for CRPSers and possible sciatica. I sent my mom the link to a sciatica brace because the one we ordered was a scam. I felt like that was cruel. Like, how could you but this brace is on Amazon (I told you I was obsessed) so it should be good. I’m still SMH, though. I’ll update when I see Neurosurgeon.

Oh! Rep still hasn’t said anything. I told him about the leads which he would respond but he didn’t. Either he’s really swamped or he’s giving me the silent treatment.

#CRPS #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #scs #spinalcordstimulator #SpinalCordInjury #Sci


Has anyone eve had a spinal cord stimulator for crps and how has it helped or not #CRPSWarrior #scs

I have had CRPS in my right foot since 2013 from a work injury. My pain management Dr wants me to do a scs to manage my pain and I am looking for others that have had this procedure done and their opinions and what should I talk with the Dr.


Does anyone have more than one #spinalcordstimulator #scs implant?

I have a #spinalcordstimulator with leads to my legs. It was put in last summer. My #CRPS #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome has since spread and I go in Tuesday for a trial for a second implant. I'm curious to hear about anyone's experience.