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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is LisaBeyefix. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story. Sept of 2019 I had a simple bunion surgery and as a result CRPS! I read this post about not going to the movies etc and it really spoke to me!

    thanks for having me



    #PTSD #CRPSWarrior


    Try as much as possible to be wholly alive

    William Saroyan
    Armenian-American writer William Saroyan penned these words in his breakthrough article “The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze,” published in 1934. The quote above is part of a longer, rousing piece of advice that reads like a rallying cry to live life to its fullest: "Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste the food when you eat, and when you sleep really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive, with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive." #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #significant childhood trauma #CRPSWarrior

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    I’m a woman with Multiple Sclerosis for 20 years. I the last 6-7 years, a rare devastating pain developed in my feet. Over the years, the burning, crushing feeling is 24/7. So times it can be ice cold frostbite pain and they look purple. If they are dependent or sun touches them they change in minutes to red swollen feet #CRPSWarrior #central painsyndrome#ChronicIllness  I am a wife, mother, and a Physician Assistant.  Yes, a healthcare provider has more trouble navigating this mysterious disease!  I’ve struggled getting to see specialists across the country.  No answers!  Today I am posting my first thought to share because I want to help someone to try to help myself. I miss the person I was


    CRPS - What kind of doctor is best?

    Pain doctor is a joke, asked about all the muscle cramps in that foot/leg said drink more water, has no clue what CRPS is or what is does to me. Why do I need a separated doctor for muscle cramps? I am so frustrated I stopped going! I do not get enough relief from pain meds to justify the cost. #CRPSWarrior #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrometreatm #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Complex #Fibromyalgiabattle

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    If you need a devotional for Lent- or just because.💜💜💜 #ChronicPain #CRPSWarrior #RheumatoidArthritis #Fibromyalgia

    A 40 day devotional, available on Amazon.
    Grace, Songs, Scripture, and Spoons.
    Written by a spoonie for spoonies. 💜💙💜💙💜


    Creeping dread before bedtime?

    Does anyone feel a sense of creeping dread before bed? Like knowing oh here we go again, am I going to not sleep at all and then sleep all day tomorrow, am I going to sleep really well but then all day tomorrow too. I hate not being able to sleep and it's become such a concern around 7pm thinking oh no it'll be time for bed soon #Insomnia #CRPSWarrior

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    The #CRPS ice block

    I just sat down to read a book and I felt it creeping in. I call it “ice block arm” - when my arm becomes ice from the inside due to #CRPS . Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a sweater (although bare arms can trigger it too), it still feels like I plunged my arm into a subzero ice bath. And then the ache comes on.

    Warm bath, heated blanket, going to sleep - these are all options. But sometimes I’d just like to finish reading my book.

    That’s one night as a #CRPSWarrior .


    Mixed feelings: moving into an assisted living facility/adult family home due to severe, undertreated CRPS

    Hello everyone, I joined this app today. Thank you, God, for giving me the strength to reach out to others.

    In less than a day and a half, I'll be moving into an assisted living "adult family home" with 24/7 caregiver support.

    I have severe CRPS along with several of its eccentric health issues. I'm 31 years old.

    Lord, I pray I will always put my faith and trust in you to lead me through life's challenges.


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    Chronic illness/pain & Motherhood

    I would say that I’ve been having moderate to serious IBD/ IBS issues & with that chronic pain issues for a few months now. It’s been REALL. I also have 4 kids (11,8,5,2) and we all have cabin fever. This year has been mentally challenging to us all. I think more so for our kids. We also live in Arizona so doing things even outside has been unbearable since June. Near the end of September I was diagnosed with CRPS. I already knew I had it but, just took a while to get a proper diagnosis. Pretty much, unless you’re dying, medical care is garbage in this state. Lately I’ve been feeling so guilty for putting all the extra chores, & over all “home duties” burden on the hubby & the kids. It’s been such a struggle to feel motivated let alone gather the strength to even vacuum a room or the whole house without bad pain. I find it so annoying. I’m a type A but, my body can’t physically keep up with my mental stamina or mental ability. It has been so obnoxious. I see so much that needs done, and it drives me mad not being able to do more than very simple & light duties. Our other car broke down in January so I haven’t even had my car ALL year. I feel being more sick than normal these past few months has made my helplessness feel too real. I used to be a very independent person who was capable of a lot. Now it’s all gone to shit again. I know it’s a phase. I know I’ll rebound. My body just isn’t cooperating the way I wish it would. That, and the forgetfulness. I feel as if my brain is turning to mush due to the lack of REAL conversation. I am getting so irritable because I don’t go anywhere. I have never felt so stuck in my life. It fucking sucks. I am so ready to have a momcation ALONE!! Just quiet. No kids. No hubby. No pets. Just quiet with internet & some peanut M&M’s and a bed all to myself with the AC cranked down low as hell! That sounds like heaven right now. #Parenting #Motherhood #CRPSWarrior #CRPS #IBD #IBS #ChronicPain #AutoimmuneDisease #LeaveMommyAlone

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    I did a thing!! I’m rather excited about it as well. I have Ulcerative Colitis (D. 2012). I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (D. 2016). And CRPS (D. 2020). I deal with chronic illness, &. Chronic pain everyday. I am a Type A person and I have such a distant for my lack of ability to keep house, remember important things, and my inability to get rested. I finally made an #Instagram page where I can share info, CBD education, CBD products, wellness tips, funny memes, etc. It feels good to have something to do. I get so bored and feel so underwhelmed. I hate being sick. I want to be able to do stuff! #ChronicFatigue #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #IBS #CRPSWarrior #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome