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checking in

Hi Friends how is everyone doing? It's been ages, things have been a bit crazy for me in real life. Pneumonia that lasted forever and a lot of dealing with family health issues. it's amazing how health stuff gets in the way of everything. 😔 Anyhoo, hoping my art friends are doing well. 💙🎨 I finally finished this illustration for one of my stories that I started years ago. Woop! I'll try to check in more again. #Art #ArtTherapy #ChronicPain #chronicmigraine #BackPain #PsoriaticArthritis #SpinalStenosis #spinalcordstimulator

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How do you combat stress?

Hi Friends,

What a year it's been, my stepsons father passed unexpectedly and so we've been dealing with that, it hasn't been long since my own father died, so it's been weird. A dear friend (like a mom to me) is also not doing well. Art has been my saving grace through everything going on lately, and I'm lucky to have a few commissions at the moment to keep my brain busy. Before painting, when i was trapped in bed, i used to meditate a lot. What are some ways that you use to combat stress? I sure could use any advice! (my latest painting below) #Stress #Anxiety #Art #ArtTherapy #spinalcordstimulator #BackPain #SpinalStenosis #neckpain #ChronicMigraines #PsoriaticArthritis #Depression

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Working again

I'm in bed from pain, so thought I'd catch up here. This is one of the latest paintings I've done. I've started doing portrait commissions again too! Such a big step for me since i haven't in over a decade! I'm already in over my head, but I'm very happy to be working again. 😁 Thinking of myself last year this time, stuck in bed almost all the time and so depressed. It's just something I never thought I'd be able to do again. Thank you to all the mighty cheerleaders that have helped me to start living again! 💙 #FailedBackSurgery #spinalcordstimulator #SpinalStenosis #BackPain #neckpain #ChronicMigraines #PsoriaticArthritis #Depression #MiniStroke #AnkylosingSpondylitis

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Back to painting

Hi Mighty Friends! I'm back, but i had a couple of good months! Got to travel and visit my new nephews, got to some museums and had a good summer. How was your summer? I'm going to a neurosurgeon soon because of my neck issues. Always something, isn't it? Glad to be painting again, though, it really helps. #PsoriaticArthritis #BackPain #spinalcordstimulator #Art #ArtTherapy #neckpain #SpinalStenosis #chronicmigraine #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #Anxiety

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My first bird painting

I had to paint a King Fisher bird for an assignment. This is in watercolors. Hoping everyone is doing ok, haven't seen some of the usual people around. Maybe like me, just trying to enjoy the summer and not feeling the best? #Art #ArtTherapy #SpinalStenosis #BackPain #ChronicMigraines #PsoriaticArthritis #ChronicIllness #spinalcordstimulator

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Sketch of one of my book characters

Hi everyone! My Wife loved the rainbow rose 😁 That made me really happy. I've got a new mp3 player for my birthday and it's amazing how it's made me feel creative again! One old song I'd forgotten about made me start this sketch the other night. He's the more real version of me (not in looks lol) But in a wheel chair, etc. I want to paint this eventually. #ChronicPain #chronicmigraine #ChronicFatigue #SpinalStenosis #BackPain #Wheelchair #Anxiety #FailedBackSurgery #spinalcordstimulator #AnkylosingSpondylitis

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Watercolor of my nephew

This weekend i did 2 watercolors of my nephews. I'll have to post the other another time. I haven't watercolored in decades, and, even then, it was not portraits. But it felt nice to play with the paint. Heading out in a while for the 2nd in a series of 6 epidurals in my neck as a trial for my next procedure. They are so painful >.< One step closer to getting my nerve endings burned for relief, hopefully! The things we do for pain relief. 😑 #ChronicPain #ChronicPainSyndrome #chronicmigraine #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #FamilialHemiplegicMigraine #SpinalStenosis #AnkylosingSpondylitis #spinalcordstimulator #watercolor #Art #ArtTherapy

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Rainbow Rose

A little rainbow rose i painted for my wife for Valentine's day. Hadn't planned on doing art today, but I'm trying to do something creative every day to forget my pain. #rainbow rose #rainbow #LGBT #ValentinesDay #watercolor #SpinalStenosis #ChronicMigraines #spinalcordstimulator #ChronicPain #Asthma


#CRPS Spreading Again

I had my second #spinalcordstimulator put in on November 4 to help with the pain in my right arm. My first stimulator is for both legs. A couple days after surgery I started experiencing a very sharp pain in my right side that would move into my shoulder blade and into my sternum area. I have gallstones so my immediate thought was a gallbladder attack. I have now been to the emergency room three times this week and have gone through 2 ultrasounds, x-rays, a CT, and an enormous amount of bloodwork to be told nothing is wrong. The ER doctor last night discharged me telling me to take ibuprofen if the pain gets worse (after dilaudid not helping). The pain is still getting worse and now my skin is burning in the same area. I’m really concerned that the scs surgery resulted in a spread. However, the new painful area was not part of the operation, so I’m just unsure. My pain management doctor thinks it is something to do with the gallstones. Has anyone experienced anything like this?


Halfway through spinal cord stimulator trial, feel a little defeated

I’m wondering if other people have had, or still have, a spinal cord stimulator and what your experience was like during the trial. I’d be particularly interested to hear from people who had a slight improvement in pain, but not much, by the mid way point and if things were adjusted to the point of satisfaction. I have my mid trial appointment tomorrow and I’m anxious because I feel like I’m not getting a great response but there has been a little improvement. My provider told me to be sure to be honest but I’m so used to having doctors tell me I’m wrong or it’s in my head etc etc that my natural response is to just downplay my pain. I was just so hopeful for this, it sorta feels like I’m doing something wrong 😓 #ChronicPain #Neuropathic Pain #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Depression #Anxiety #lumbarradiculopathy #spinalcordstimulator