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What are some of the most hurtful words used to describe your symptoms?

I think, for me, the worst words used to describe me and my symptoms have to be "attention seeking" or "lazy"

Others include
"over thinker"
"self absorbed"
"victim complex"
"drama queen"

How do you challenge this way of talking and prevent it becoming part of your own inner monologue? Because, I will be honest, I'm not the kindest person to myself and some of these words I have used on myself, they have not always come from people around me, whilst some words are words used to hurt or invalidate me in the past that I have taken on as part of the weaponry towards myself. I am a self bully and I need to stop. How can I challenge others' language if I am using it myself?

Does anyone else get where I'm coming from? How have you silenced your inner critic?
How do you separate your symptoms from your personality? How do you stop them from defining who you are?

#negativeselftalk #Selfworth #Innercritic #lowselfesteem #selfstigma


Still understanding my #Thoughts #Depression #selfstigma

I feel like even though I've been depressed for 6 years give or take (always struggled with my moods) I feel that Im only just understanding it. I come from a west African background where this condition is not well understood so for me it's been a harder journey accepting it in myself than say for someone who comes from a European or American background