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The CAST Process for negative self-talk

If you struggle with negative self-talk and a mean inner critic then I hope this is helpful for you. I was listening to a podcast with Melissa Ambrosini where she shared her CAST process

C- character

A- awareness

S- shut the door

T- truth

Make sure you join my mental health and wellness facebook community to learn more about this process:

#MentalHealth #negativeselftalk #positiveselftalk #positivemindset #Innercritic #mentalwellness #emotionalWellbeing

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How do you tame your inner critic?

Does anyone else have a brain that can sometimes be downright abusive? Like a persistent negative inner monologue that constantly tells you how broken or stupid or useless you are? Because if I'm completely honest, I do. And this week that brain got the best of me. I was in a shame storm fueled by insecurity and a fear that no matter what I do I'll never be good enough. And it's exhausting.

After discussing it with my therapist I recognized that part of the problem is that we live in a culture where the very thing that we need to do to run a business or promote ourselves is the thing that's directly influencing the degree to which we feel like we are never going to succeed...and that is social media.

I'm ashamed of how much time I spend on social media, but without it, people don't notice my business or my writing. Without it I can't increase my followers which I need if I ever want to publish that book I've been working on. It's a constant exhausting hustle.

So my fellow PTSD community members, if you have a cacophonous inner dialogue, what tricks do you use to tame it and talk more kindly to yourself? I'm looking to YOU for support and maybe we can help one another be less self destructive.

#Trauma #Selftalk #PTSD #CPTSD #Innercritic

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My Intentions 2022- Not resolutions. Therapy Motivated Intentions

I want to experience love, joy peace and trust on all new levels in my life in 2022. My intention is to show up in therapy and in life consistently, in 2022. I will show up in ways that I get the work done in my inner world, and in my outward behavior, so that I make it possible for myself to begin experiencing an abundance of love, joy, peace and trust this coming year. I intend for world, to feel and gain strength from these positive energies, coming out of me. I want to consistently follow the light inside of me, remembering always that my “light,” is the presence of my eternal essence. I intend to disengage from maladaptive and unskillful coping tool, in order to highlight my newer skills, which I have been successfully practicing for some time now. I intend to challenge my inner critic’s harsh words. I intend to trust and ask my wiser self for guidance. Instead of listening to the harsh words of my inner critic, my wiser self will help me offer myself compassion. Instead of following my “Nothing MattersPart” or “My Rebel Part” into (impulsivity, anger, rage, reactivity, revenge, retaliation, self recrimination, shame) and into a “burn myself down,” scenario……I, instead intend to listen to my wiser self guiding me to breathe, to be still, to observe, to feel, to sit with it, to respond, to love, to forgive, to be kind, TO BE PRESENT. I intend to commit to play till the end of the “game.” I intend to move the “ball” forward for MY mental health team. Since, I have a major triggering event coming up, that I have no control over…. I intend to remember that no one can control my behavior except me. I will remember to take breaks from triggered states, soothe myself or ask for help. This is also a general rule of my safety plan which I intend to stay on PERMANENTLY. I intend to bring light and happiness to my loved ones and to be kind, always, to those around me. I intend to be less self- absorbed by focusing on gratitude and compassion understanding and kindness toward others. I intend to grow my relationship with God through all of the personal actions I now undertake, especially through my new personal prayer life. I intend to grow my relationship with myself, which is the ultimate intention of these other than my intention toward God. I intend to continue integrating all of my parts with acceptance and love so that I may become wholly integrated, safe and at peaceful with myself.

#intentions #wiserself #parts #innerchild #CPTSD #Innercritic #Shame #Behavior #peace


Hello Again, #PanicAttacks

Right now, I'm back in that headspace, after so many years of being free from daily #panic . I know it's not my fault, but the negative voice inside always says this is some kind of failure on my part. Thinking rationally, I know that *so many* of my triggers have been hit lately that this is not surprising, nor is it permanent, but in these moments, it feels like I'll feel this way forever, and the negative voice says, "Since there's been no single big triggering event, you're obviously just going crazy." I'd forgotten how much I hate the feeling of the adrenaline needlessly pouring into my bloodstream, and how exhausting it is to constantly be using these mental health skills. I've done this before and come out the other side stronger, and I'll do it again, but today, I need some love from you Mighties, who know how this feels. 😢😔
#PanicDisorder #Innercritic #Feelinglikeafailure


What you took #self -doubt #Selfharm #Innercritic

Little something I wrote when my inner critic was being a raging bitch.

At first they were smaller things, the things you stole from me,
Like the smile I could have worn or the spring in my step,
But then the things you took grew bigger in size,
Maybe it was you who grew bigger - bigger armed, meaner lipped.

You took larger and larger chunks of my confidence over time,
Your cruel words chipped away at me and cut me down until I cowered,
Eventually though, there was nothing left of that to take,
So then you grew restless, angry, frustrated. You wanted more.

So you took my hope that things would get better,
You told me that the people I loved and respected hated me,
In a million barbed jibes you told me I was worst than nothing,
You told me I knew what I needed to do. What I deserved.

But I have bowed to you for too long,
You are loud, but I am strong and have not been beaten,
I am still here,
You have not won.

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What are some of the most hurtful words used to describe your symptoms?

I think, for me, the worst words used to describe me and my symptoms have to be "attention seeking" or "lazy"

Others include
"over thinker"
"self absorbed"
"victim complex"
"drama queen"

How do you challenge this way of talking and prevent it becoming part of your own inner monologue? Because, I will be honest, I'm not the kindest person to myself and some of these words I have used on myself, they have not always come from people around me, whilst some words are words used to hurt or invalidate me in the past that I have taken on as part of the weaponry towards myself. I am a self bully and I need to stop. How can I challenge others' language if I am using it myself?

Does anyone else get where I'm coming from? How have you silenced your inner critic?
How do you separate your symptoms from your personality? How do you stop them from defining who you are?

#negativeselftalk #Selfworth #Innercritic #lowselfesteem #selfstigma

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my new painting voices

another painting I finished today. as part of my personal series the painful truth it’s about the self talk and self critic inside that tells lies. I’m on medication in the first place because my inner voice began to scream at me and I had a meltdown and kicked a hole in my parents couch. it told me I wasn’t good enough. I do a lot of art like this to shut it up and to tell others their not alone. #Selfharm #ArtTherapy #Anxiety #Depression #Innercritic


Poetry Saves Me

To love myself with all my heart and know that I am not apart. Not apart from anything all secure deep within.

With you, I share as I go and some get me and some don't know. To know a soul and all its grace seems quite tough in earth time-space.

The wings I spread before I came did not choose to come to gain but to give it all away and share the beauty in each day.

And when I sank and did go deep only a few heard me weep. To hear each other and be real that's what causes us to heal.

Take a moment and use your wings and help others who took a sting and as we do there is no doubt we also heal this earthly drought.

And in isolation, you may sometimes feel what's the point of this earthly wheel Do know the truth the soul knows best and all this life thing is not in jest.

#Poetry #poet #Innercritic #innerchild


Connect with your childlike wonder - healing through words

Before trauma happens, we children greet the world fearlessly. Here is my adult realization, that hardness of life prevents us from seeing the world through our lense of curiosity. I hope to be of benefit through sharing my journey.

#Depression #healingthroughwriting #Healing #personalitydisorder #Innercritic #creativity #curiosity #Trauma #BipolarDisorder