So I have a new diagnosis to add to my ever growing list of conditions.
The newest one is called #FND functional neurological disorder.
Apparently it's the reason I have #Migraines with visual auras and strange #sensorysymptoms such as the feelings of a electric current running over my skin, water droplets on my skin. The sensations of my feet stood in puddles when they are completely dry. When these happen that can cause me to react with wiping my face constantly or scratching which makes me feel awkward. #cognitive problems such as stumbling over my words, saying the wrong words and putting a completely different word in its place and if I try to correct myself I get flustered and make things worse. These are but just a few of my symptoms that I deal with.
Add these to my already large list of complaints
Heds, osteoarthritis, hypertension, ibs and other horrible gastrointestinal disorders, chronic pain and fatigue .
I'm 46 in 8 days and most of the time I feel closer to 66.
I get told to exercise more. I used to go running/walking most days for anything up to 13 miles . I would do kick boxing and go to the gym. It didnt help the conditions or pain levels then it wont help now. Except now I'm to bloody exhausted to do much more then work an run a house .
Tell me there is hope for us that suffer daily. Because I'm beginning to run out of fake smiles to wear.