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    Never stop fighting!!💪💪

    Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place - that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realise the great life. There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up.

    #Depression #ChronicHeadaches #OccipitalNeuralgia #Anxiety #Migraines #Alcoholism #StayStrong #Love

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    I'm Back and I miss you all!! #Depression #ChronicHeadaches #Anxiety #OccipitalNeuralgia #Migraines #StayPositive #Love #Alcoholism

    sorry for being absent for so long. I've been through a lot, but I'm grateful to be alive.

    #ChronicHeadaches #Depression #Anxiety #OccipitalNeuralgia #Migraines #Alcoholism


    My doctor just started me on Aimovig. If you’ve tried it or are taking it how long ( how many months) did it take to start working ?

    #Migraines # cluster headaches # curious


    New therapist yet again. Solo roadtrip. Anxiety wanting to visit & oh so much more...

    .... 3rd time is the charm, right?

    Met my new therapist yesterday. 3rd one within the yr. Started Oct. 2021. Already missing my last therapist. Not a fan of repeating my "why" for therapy... a 3rd time.

    Going on another solo trip... 3rd one within the year. First one was November 2021. Last one was July of this yr, out of state. Putting my boundaries in place. Challenging myself & inner voice has been a huge goal of mine this yr. Confusing a lot of ppl along the way. Not sry.

    Anxiety was brutal today. Been awhile too. Still trying to linger around & disrupt ones sleep but I shall not let it. Feeling bad I had to call out of work due to missing more than your average worker. If I was my boss, I'd be upset too... some what.

    Mind is wandering. Trying to figure out if I packed enough warm clothes due to going to a cooler city. Packed enough water & snacks for the road. Will gas stations be open due to the holiday. Roadtrip mind wanders will always be there. Gotta work around em.

    Trying to just breath & relax my mind due to a lingering headache. Knowing everything will be just fine. It always is.

    ..... & THAT'S what's on my mind. Thank you for reading this. You may go back to your regularly scheduled program!

    #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #Migraines #Trauma #GAD #Healing #CheckInWithMe #TheMighty #Therapy #Thoughts


    I'm really enjoying exercising!

    My health issues make it really difficult to exercise - particularly the Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I faint pretty often, and because of that, I've always been terrified of doing any major exercise.

    But in the last few weeks, I've been slowly building up my tolerance when it comes to walking. Any time my sister comes over, we go for a walk that usually lasts just over an hour. I monitor my heart rate on my Fitbit, which is an absolute god send since it also helps me keep track of my weight loss progress and how well I sleep.

    My sister, despite being 5ft 1in, walks VERY fricking fast. I sometimes have to tell her to slow down, because I just can't keep up with her, haha. And I'm 5ft 7in! I have stumpy legs, damn it. But the fast pace means I lose more weight, so I try my hardest to catch up to her, hah.

    I'm really proud of myself. My step goal on my Fitbit is 6,000 steps a day. Which probably doesn't seem like a lot, but for me? With all my issues? I'd say 6,000 steps is ideal. Last week I managed to reach my step goal twice! Today, I walked into town (about 1.3miles), and reached 6k steps again! So, this week, I'm aiming to reach it three times, and maybe next week I'll try and go for four!

    I'm loving being close to my sister. It's only in the last 18months that we've bonded. I love what we talk about when we're out walking. I love my nephew and all the cute little cooing noises he does, like he's butting into the conversation, haha.

    I'm really proud of myself. My GP always says; "Remember, it's important to celebrate EVERY victory - even the little ones."

    So... I'm going to.

    #chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicPain #posturalorthostatictachycardia #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #NAFLD #Diabetes #IBS #InterstitialCystitis #GERD #EnlargedSpleen #Migraines #LiverDisease #Dysautonomia #BPD #Depression #Anxiety


    Is there something wrong with my stomach?

    Hey, everyone. I hope you’re all okay and staying safe and well.

    I have a bit of a strange question. I have several chronic health conditions, including Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Dysautonomia, Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, IBS, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Diabetes, Interstitial Cystitis, Migraines, Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease and some mental health difficulties. So there’s a lot of stuff going on.

    Anyway, I regularly get stomach aches, or just an iffy stomach in general. I’ll sometimes go 2-5 days with a very minimal amount of food because I’m just not hungry and I feel sick. I’ve had lots of tests and scans and beyond having a Hiatal Hernia and some inflamed blood vessels in my stomach lining, they can’t find a reason behind this. But I’ve recently discovered that when I feel like this and/or I’m bloated… I can get it all to go away by drinking something fizzy. Doesn’t matter what it is, but as long as it’s fizzy… It almost instantly makes it better.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is? I do struggle to burp a lot - I always have. When I burp, they are tiny and don’t make much difference, even after I’ve drunk the fizzy stuff. I’m completely open to suggestions. I take all kinds of medication for my IBS and GERD. Antacids, Buscopan, Mebeverine, Metaclopramide (an anti-sickness). But they have a minimal effect when I have these stomach aches, bloating, nausea and loss of appetite.

    Thank you all in advance! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe!

    #ChronicPain #chronicillnesswarrior #POTS #EDS #Dysautonomia #GERD #IBS #nausea #NAFLD #LiverDisease #InterstitialCystitis #Diabetes #Migraines #BPD #HiatalHernia #Advice

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    📺 Chronic Illness on TV Vs Chronic Illness Reality 📺

    When you live with a chronic illness, especially when it’s something like FND, then your medical experiences are never like the ones you see on TV! On TV there’s always a magical cure for everything, regardless of what it is, whereas in reality, if the doctors can’t see it, or understand it, then they basically just don’t believe it. If they don’t have a “quick fix”, or even just a “fix” at all, then they simply don’t want to know, they treat you as if “it’s all in your head”, and they dismiss your concerns as if they’re nothing. All of which ends up causing us even more problems in the forms of Depression and Anxiety, as well as reduced self-confidence and self-belief. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄🥺💔
    #InvisibleIllness #InvisibleDisablity #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #chronichealth #ChronicDepression #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #NotOnTV #Disability #MightyTogether #Asthma #JointHypermobilitySyndrome #JHS #ChronicMigraines #Migraines #Headache #ChronicHeadaches #ChronicFatigue #Insomnia


    #discouraged #Fibromyalgia #small fiber neuropathy #Migraines #Arthritis #Endometriosis #toomanyotherissues

    Received a letter stating that my disability has been denied yet again. I don't understand why this keeps happening bc there is just no way I can work....I live day to day and sometimes hour to hour bc of all the issues and pain and fatigue I deal with....guess I will just keep trying

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    Big, scary medical decisions

    I was told by the neurosurgeon this week that I need spinal surgery for my scoliosis. It’s progressed in the past 6 years and he’s recommended I have T2-L5 done at a hospital 8 hours away from home. I’ve been in pain management for the last 4 years and tried many solutions to living with the curves and daily pain. I’m told it’ll be harder to recover the longer I wait, but I’m scared to move forward. #MarfanSyndrome #Scoliosis #ChronicPain #Migraines #duralectasia #ChiariMalformation


    I really hate my crappy immune system.

    So, for years now my immune system has been awful. My doctor says it’s because of the variety of health issues I have. A heart condition, liver disease, kidney damage, enlarged spleen, diabetes, etc… When the pandemic started, I was told by every single doctor that I am at “extreme risk”. Tomorrow I’ll be having my 5th vaccine. I’m not looking forward to it.

    Anyway, since my nephew was born nearly a year ago, I seem to be catching ever bug, virus on infection that’s going around. I’m always careful - I wear a mask where I can, I wash my hands many many times in a day, I use hand sanitizer, and I still do social distancing.

    Last December I had a nasty cold that took nearly two weeks to go. Then in February I caught another one that knocked me on my ass. In May, my nephew passed on a particularly nasty/severe stomach bug that landed me in hospital. Five weeks ago I had ANOTHER cold… And now…? My baby nephew has passed on Bronchitis to me. I’m so exhausted. I haven’t felt this rough in a very long time. Before you ask, yes, I’ve done COVID tests. I’m negative.

    My fever keeps going up and down, with the highest being 39.9°C. I saw a doctor today, who said my lungs sound like Rice Krispies, what with how much they’re crackling and popping. I’ve been given antibiotics and two different inhalers today, since I keep coughing so bad I end up choking.

    Is there a way to improve my immune system? I can’t exactly get mad at a one year old baby. He really loves to play with me (mainly because no one else does - not even my sister), so I absolutely hate it when I have to stop because I’m in pain with my other conditions or feeling too unwell. I put him above everything else. I just want to try and find a way where he won’t get me sick all the time.

    Any advice you have would be GREATLY appreciated. And thank you all in advance.

    #chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicPain #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Dysautonomia #LiverDisease #NAFLD #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #EDS #BPD #Diabetes #Migraines #InterstitialCystitis #WeakImmuneSystem #Immunocompromised #Advice