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    Does anyone have experience with #Gastritis here, not caused by H. Pylori?

    I’m new here- but have years of dealing with bendy issues… lots of joint problems, cardiac #ablations , #POTS , #Migraines , etc. Gastritis is a new diagnosis and Dr doesn’t know the cause. Was wondering if this is related.

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    Easter pals #Depression #ChronicPain #degenerative disc disease#Migraines #Arthritis

    Halfway done hope they are done in time

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    I feel very blessed by everyone who I have met on the mighty and it feels good to know the family here. I am encouraged by this affirmation.

    #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Fibromyalgia #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #tias3 {mini strokes} # Chronic pain #Migraines

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    Nerve pain

    How can someone cope with nerve pain for years? I'm quite frustrated by this and just can't think straight anymore because of my pain.

    #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicPain #ChronicHeadaches #OccipitalNeuralgia #Migraines

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    Hey, maybe you guys will understand.
    I'm tired of all the tests. I'm tired of being told it's in my head. I have a diagnosis of #Fibromyalgia #Arthritis #CFS and #Migraines at times. The doctors told me that my fibromyalgia and CFS symptoms were mental and talk with my psychiatrist. My psychiatrist doesn't know what to do. Went to the ER last Thursday cause it was so bad, they did nothing since it wasn't deemed an emergency. The doctor yesterday sorta listened but wasn't exactly nice. I do not have a PCP at the moment. I am scared. I am tired of tests. I want relief. I don't know what to do anymore

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    Oh February..

    This month has been a true mental test for sure. Some days I felt as if I was failing at life. Some days I felt as if I failed myself due to reliving past experiences that brought up previous trauma. Putting me in survival mode. Not wanting to be home, in what's suppose to be my safe haven.
    This month has left me sitting in my thoughts on repeat. Same conversation on repeat. Getting in my head more than l should. I've cried more this month than the last 1.5 yr of being on this healing journey.
    I've gone hiking more this month than the last 2 yrs of trying to get back into it. Some days it helps the mental state but others I'm left in my car dreading to come inside.
    This wknd all my body wanted to do was rest. Stay in bed all day. I've got chores that need to be taken care of. Neglected them for quite some time now. Today, called outta work & yet I sit on my bed distracting myself with my phone.
    Anxiety has been all over the place due to everything I've allowed my mind to consume. Therapy hasn't been feeling like I'm accomplishing anything. This wk I start EMDR in my sessions. Excited yet nervous for that. Hoping it helps. Letting these cognitive disortions take over is a constant battle. As much work as I do to flip the script, I'm back to dealing with intrusive thoughts. Constant battle. Self sabotage is a constant flaw.
    This month has eaten me alive & I'm trying to get out of the trenches. This time last yr I was living happily. Accomplishing so much on my to do list of healing. Felt more alive then than I do now. Depression has been brutal this month. Silly situation I allowed in my life knowing the outcome. Hope is a crazy thing to have in certain areas of life.
    I just need clarity back in my life. Confidence. Love. Happiness. Respect. Peace. I need it all. I need to get out of my damn head. That's my main blockage.

    March, I see you! Number 3 outta 12. I need you to show me grace. Show me clarity. Lead me to adventure. To happiness. To laughter. Guide me to courage. To wisdom. To strength. I'm asking you to push me to progress, not regression. Push me harder than February did. There's only 12 of y'all & you're number 3... time is ticking! Life is moving. Let's goo!!

    #Anxiety #Depression #Migraines #Trauma #Insomnia #GAD #PTSD #Therapy #CBT #Healing #Thoughts #CheckInWithMe

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    I’m really quite pleased with myself.

    Over the Christmas period there was a LOT of family drama that seriously upset me, which led to me comfort eating quite a bit.

    In my last post, after my weight check and diabetes review, I proudly told you lovely people that not only was my diabetes unaffected, but that I’d also lost 19lbs.

    Well. This morning I came across a couple of pairs of size 16 skinny jeans I bought myself just before the pandemic began. When I bought them at the time, I was really pissed because I couldn’t even pull them up past my knees/lower thighs. I threw them to the back of my chest of drawers and sulked.

    So, I stared at the jeans, a bit disgruntled. Before finally deciding to give them a go…

    And… They fit me PERFECTLY. I am ecstatic! I was once a size 20-22, and now? A 16! You can bet your ass I did a victory dance in my room. 😂

    #chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicPain #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #InterstitialCystitis #Diabetes #Migraines #IBS #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #WeightLoss #SoHappy

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    Good news! (And a rant).

    Hey, everyone. How was your Christmas? Mine was pretty awful, honestly. I'll try and explain it as best as I can.

    Around 4 years ago, my mum was talking to my big sister (her name is Dawn), and she told her about my health conditions/problems. Dawn then proceeded to accuse me of faking my health issues. Despite the many scans and test results clearly showing they are real. And then, shortly afterwards, she said that any gifts or presents I buy for people for birthdays/christmas (and everything else) are worthless because the money comes from a 'government handout' (disability benefits). After learning this, I refused to talk to her unless she apologises. So, we didn't talk for several years.

    My little sister (Jess) gave birth to my nephew in 2021, and I love him very much. Since Dawn doesn't live near us, she was only able to visit this passed Christmas, and she stayed at Jess's house for two weeks.

    Originally, before Dawn announced she would be coming, the whole family was going to go to Jess's house for Christmas dinner and whatnot... But once she booked her tickets and everything, Jess said that I wasn't allowed to go to the event. I wasn't allowed to spend time with the whole family. Which REALLY upset me. So much so, that I seriously comfort-ate for a couple of weeks. I was binge-eating whatever I could get my hands on. And I spent the entire of Christmas day curled up in bed watching stuff on my laptop. It was my first Christmas alone and I hated it.

    Anyway, that leads up to the good news. I was really expecting my diabetes to be so much worse, and I was expecting to have put on a lot of weight. So, I reluctantly went for my weight and diabetes check last week. After they recorded my weight, they told me that since last July, I've lost 20lbs! And my HBA1C blood test came back yesterday - it's not worse! In July it was 63, and as of yesterday, it was 62. Admittedly, it's not much progress, but considering I was expecting it to be a disaster, I feel pretty good.

    Anyway - I'm sorry for this rant, I guess. I just needed to get it out. Thank you for getting this far, though. Have a great day!

    #chronicillnesswarrior #chronichealth #ChronicPain #POTS #POTSUK #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #EDS #NAFLD #InterstitialCystitis #BladderPain #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Familydrama #Depression #PTSD #Migraines #Diabetes #diabetic #WeightLoss

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    3rd Therapist

    I've been with my 3rd therapist now since mid November & I'm still trying to get a vibe. The only one so far is "awkward" & I'm trying not to let that be the main reason of possibly finding a new one.... yet, I don't wanna start all over again with my story. Ugh.

    What I mean by "awkward" is once I'm done talking or explaining something, it's complete silence for a minute or so. Grant it, I do my sessions via zoom & it can have some delays, but y'all, delays don't take THAT long. I'm not a fan of awkward silence & stares. My last therapist kept the convo going. Kept the sessions going. I liked that therapist. Wish they didn't leave & I was able to follow her.
    Also, I'm an avid journal writer. She knows this. So now, all she suggests is do this in your journal. Do that in your journal. Journal this. Journal that. Some days I don't mind it yet some days I'm like, give me something else lady. Lol.

    Has any of y'all had a therapist like that? Just made it "awkward" in some sessions?

    #Therapist #Therapy #Chatspace #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #PTSD #Migraines #GAD #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Healing

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