I seek your thoughts. Believe it or not, this message stems from my conflicted soul that often flees to anxiety and fear when facing this dilemma on the “mission field” in which I have now been called.

My salvation occurred when I arrived at the end of myself. I…huge emphasis on this word I…had literally “did it MYYYYY WAYYYY.” But my way was NOT providing me life. After saying a prayer and asking if God and Jesus were “real,” I was miraculously set free by the King of Kings. And the following years, I worked with various ministry organizations.

However, my calling has shifted, I am now surrounded by Ivy League elites. And while here, I am constantly encouraged to elicit executives to submit proposals and share things I can honestly say, I dreamed about while serving the Lord as a missionary.

So much pump and circumstance occurs, as I am told by the “Ivies” how I…again, heavy emphasis on that one letter word…I need to “network and advertise MY potential.” Well, MY potential comes from conversing with my SAVIOR!!!

Thus, the juxtaposition of the internal self, often fueled by insecurity, must confront the redeemed spiritual self of being like Christ, the one who gave up his role to not only serve but die for others to have redemption. Sadly, I think the aspect of giving up ourselves is no longer a fashionable message discussed in the church circles I have encountered, of late.

But wait! Let me qualify this. I am not THAT spiritual. I don’t float around wearing a robe washing the feet of others with an extended smile across my face. Sadly, self-martyrdom is NOT an issue I must address, daily.

However, the realization of realizing how broken my life was, ANY success I now encounter is based SOLELY on the powerful act of redemption I encountered after asking the Lord God Almighty to rescue this soul. Mind you, this encounter happened at the tail end of the 70s Jesus Movement. As a testament of the work of Jesus in my life, I have lived through NUMEROUS miraculous unexpected and unexplainable events throughout my redeemed life; nearly 45 years!!!

So, I am now often taken aback when self-perfection is encouraged as a networking tool. And for what? Well, to make me a “more marketable” successful self-accomplished perfected contributor to society.

Any thoughts?

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