#I have stayed to myself basically I don’t do much especially since the Depression # .And my fibromyalgia ,The pain is harsh. I feel so bad. #well got on tictoc and there he was I never , since my marriage wanted to talk to any other man #They all could not comepar to him.! # Then like I said I saw him and it was craze he stirred something in me that I never felt since my husband #.And I try to talk to him, I think it was ok.at first,Now you have to understand that I have been with my husband . #Sinces 1990 that’s when we got married I thought he hung the moon #we have grown,apart ,we think differently if I don’t agree with him, well I try to stay in my room . When I got on tictoc I was hoping just to talk to,someone#I was hoping this person would maybe find me special ,and we could talk about anything but no I don’t think he has said maybe 6or 7 words to me. #I think his special and I feel like a dumb ass for even thinking that he might like me . #So my Depression is really bad.I was so stupid.And now I feel, am ,less than nothing I feel LOST😢☮️🦩✌️