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#So sorry for been so disconnected

#I am apologize for being so disconnected from the group but I am having so many difficult times this past months, one loosing my hearing is on both ears and causing so many problems like dizziness, vertigo and nauseas, buzzing sound getting worse, and my hearing doctor after telling me about the Ménière’s disease is now bilateral, the test show that I am loosing my under of words, I can read well but many times I hear other words and I was getting in trouble with my family or friends at the same time I got an eye infection so bad that took 3 months on antibiotics to get clear, my biological medicine stop working and I am having more health problems, pain out of control, spasms, stiffness in my back, neck my hands so bad that I am dropping things, I fall down in my house when I was by myself and trying to get up was impossible so family members need it to come to my house and pick me up, and now I got diagnosed with Sjogren’s my mouth is so dry, my eyes, my sling and now my ears are so dry inside that the itchiness was so bad so the ear doctor gave me an ointment to apply once per day. Well my Rheumatologist and my Neurologist told me that this illnesses are getting worse and I will start infusions, well today I have my first infusion of simponic, I don’t know how is going to affect me but I have faith that this treatment is going to help me, please if someone is taking infusion simponic please let me know, thanks so much and please forgive me for being so disconnected.

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I posted this to myself two years ago, hoping things would have changed. Some things have. My daughter is home from Florida after a deadly hurricane. I do have things to be thankful for, but I’m sorry to say, I still feel utterly alone. And guess what, I got betrayed horrifically on February 24 this year. Not one person, no family or friends have said anything about plans for my birthday. #So ALONE

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Hanging in Limbo #Sadness : #Toxic People: #self Healing

Just a weird day... Woke up way too early after passing out. Had another bizarre conversation with a person, not sure if they are really a friend or just bored and need some one to talk too and since I consider myself a good listener, I listen. They became very agitated when a topic I have tried to explain several times over and they still choose not to listen. The conversation ended rather quickly when I stood my ground and them they became angry and hung up on me. I am not really upset, just tired of the constant flakey up and down side to side chaos. It just got old to me today and I am ready to pit that distance again. I am just so tired of all the Toxic people I have been cursed with. I know it's not me. I finally realize that now. My Mom ingrained very well that I always have to be the bigger person to mend fences and try and make things work. But I still question, "Why do I always have to be THAT person?" Why can't the people that are in my circle fight as hard as I do to try and salvage relationships and talk things through and forgive?? Why am I always the one using up all my energy and resources?? Really exhausted and wanting to find a place to hide away from civilization and any human contact. I am fighting so hard for myself and health issues too, but these are battles I fight alone... My go to uplifts are not working today... Sigh... 🥺

#So Alone: #So Tired: #I Want this pain To stop


HURTING... Will it ever stop???

I had met what I call My pandemic friend... or so I thought. Boy was I ever wrong. Turns out they are nothing but toxic sewer sludge. That only cares about themselves and no one else. I was finally served my walking papers as I was told I am not, nor ever was good enough to be their friend. And that they only talked to me for laughs and amusement. I want to cry because I can't believe anyone could be that heartless, cold and evil. But I am grateful that the only thing I lost was my time I invested... well that and my compassion. I am hurting and I feel so low and depressed right now. These are the times I really miss My Mom! I do not know if I have the fight left to bounce back from this one.
#So Alone, #hurting , #Toxic People, #Healing , #Desperate


Fibromyalgia pain

This morning the Fibro pain has again reared its ugly head- I hate when it starts my day,instead of ending my day( tho that's not nice to be hurting at bedtime,either!). Guess it's the below freezing temperature that's got it going. Don't you( those with fibro) just hate it when the fibro takes over even Before the day starts? It over comes the arthritis,the swollen feet & lower legs,the fitful sleep from the nite,and tired mind from having to deal with it & everything else on a daily basis. Even the pretty sunrise this morning gets hit. Big Sigh. Oh well,such is life when you are used to hurting All Over from an Invisible Disease. #Fibromyalgia ,#RA ,#oa ,#PTSD ,#GAD ,#Bipolar 2,#GERD ,#Insomnia ,#high Blood Pressure,#Allergies to most Everything,#sinusitis chronic,#Teeth problems( likely from meds been on for so long, dentist),#"covering" how I really am feeling,#bad dreams that carry over into the day,#restlessness ,#So many Meds,#dry Eye Syndrome,#Dermatitis -chronic,#Headaches ,Short term memory loss left over from ECT treatments,#Fibro Brain Fog,#sad ,#Overeating when illnesses take over too much,##Poor Self-Image,#Stagnant motivation,#chronic Talking to Myself-even Out Loud,#Talking & writing too much,#worry ,#Thinking of others instead of me,#people Pleaser,#Procrastination ,#Poor money management,#Ignoring important signs & Symptoms.

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Danny Boy #So cold in here this AM Hope we have oil as Have a bad back pain from Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia and Sciatica and hope to have the oil

Have had a back injury and I have been hoping to get some medication and am concerned because it has been very very cold here and I am waiting for my medication and just now am so cold that hope I have oil ❓Please pray for Hearts for Heat to come through for us as I have been out of touch with the oil company and I better call them to see because my back pain is weird and it feels very cold now ⁉️