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#skylord #

#well he's last post was on January 11 2021 #There are a lot of people who watch he's videos ,or what ever and he makes them happy . #especially when they have a bad day.And he takes Beautiful pictures of the ocean and surf if he is working buy there. #if you get this we and I mean me miss your sarcastic humor ,sometimes it seems people just don't get it.But I love it, I just want you to know ,it's hard to stop a Southerner from caring for a person we are not made that way.O and I and we all miss your singing a lot.We love you Jack and yes you are the real Starlord because you shine your light on use all🦩✌️❤️💔😎I hope you find this🦩✌️



#well I did love to draw and I love ed #to do cross stitch.Now I don't care for anything I am tired a lot. # When I sleep I am not in pain, I don't cry I don't feel like I am in kingkongs hand an he is crushing me. #

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#lost #

#I have stayed to myself basically I don’t do much especially since the Depression # .And my fibromyalgia ,The pain is harsh. I feel so bad. #well got on tictoc and there he was I never , since my marriage wanted to talk to any other man #They all could not comepar to him.! # Then like I said I saw him and it was craze he stirred something in me that I never felt since my husband #.And I try to talk to him, I think it was ok.at first,Now you have to understand that I have been with my husband . #Sinces 1990 that’s when we got married I thought he hung the moon #we have grown,apart ,we think differently if I don’t agree with him, well I try to stay in my room . When I got on tictoc I was hoping just to talk to,someone#I was hoping this person would maybe find me special ,and we could talk about anything but no I don’t think he has said maybe 6or 7 words to me. #I think his special and I feel like a dumb ass for even thinking that he might like me . #So my Depression is really bad.I was so stupid.And now I feel, am ,less than nothing I feel LOST😢☮️🦩✌️


#getting Ready #

#well I had a fairly good day,and I wish that every body has as good ,as it can be for these times.my thoughts are with the families just trying to get through this Christmas for there kids.I hope and pray that the politicians will be thanking of them to , while they have lovely homes and food on the table # That the 600.00 they want to give needy family’s is not even enough for rent ,food ,medicine ,#what are the parents Suppose to tell there kids that Christmas is not coming ,this while they are being evicted because they lost there jobs through no fault of there own because of this pandemic. I hope that at least are Government can give these families the 2000.00 that will actually help them, when they go to vote tomorrow.That they see ,and ,know what is happening to these families and that they show some compassion and help the people that put them in Office #


I looked out of the window & saw

The Ethiopian Restaurant that my friend and I ate a delicious meal at last summer! #grateful #well run #Nice people


Not worth anything

#well , after a wonderful dinner, which my granddaughter(15 yrs old) invited me to, plus a really great evening full of laughs and love. The next day after months of waiting, I finally got the response to whether I qualified for National Disability insurance scheme. I opened it and of course #rejected ..again. I began crying as i have no support except my psychiatrist #, #calls to helpines but nobody in my #Family . plus the various health phone lines. It was the final straw. I've given up, so sick of rejection and running into too many brick walls. I feel as if I'm no one, that i don't even belong to my immediate family. My siblings haven't talked to me for a few years. #My parents don't understand, are very rigid in their thinking#, when i said i had a mental illness, all i got was...#no you don't, don't say that, No, no, no. All this after 20 odd years of me providing info etc. Still being rejected over and over. I ask myself if I'm still that #bad kid

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