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Starting #hydroxychloroquine

Starting hydroxychloroquine for #Sj ögren’s syndrome just curious what other people’s experiences have been like. Just recently diagnosed.


I need assistance please a

Thanks to Sjögrens I lost all of my teeth, having them pulled to prep for implant-assisted dentures. Medicare doesn't pay, as we all know, so I used GoFundMe to raise the $$ to pay. Unfortunately I didn't have enough for the 6 implants. My father died unexpectedly and I found he'd left me a good chunk of the money I needed. But I was unable to obtain those funds. With constant pain from and losing my Dad, losing the surgery money that I thought I'd had and everything else combined I entered a severe depression that lasted quite a while.

I'm feeling better now but still in need of the implant surgery. It seems there is no financial help available to people with #Sj ögrens for the dental work. The more time passes, the more bone deteriorates in my jaws and the more likely I'll need bone grafting before implants! I could never afford that if I can't afford 6 implants!

Does anyone know of any #financialaid that might be available to me? I live in Central Illinois and I know that some is location-based. I'm desperate. I don't see friends, I can't eat meals out with friends-have you ever watched someone chew who doesn't have teeth? I can't eat the raw vegetables in salads that are healthy and I love, but I hate cooked vegetables! I don't laugh or smile if I'm around people because let's face it, it looks disgusting. Please, can anyone help me? Thank you.