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    Spoonies❣️❣️❣️ Let’s Save a Dime a Dollar Tree #m .E. #CFS #Fibromyalgia #Hypothyroid #MCS #multiple Chemical Sensitivity

    If you’re a conscious consumer like myself, you care about how and where you spend your money! Take a look at what I found at Dollar Tree!💚💚💚

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    Sunrise from California

    Maybe we will actually get some rain #sunrise ,#morning ,#Rain ,#Beauty ,
    #chronic pain, #Sarcoidosis , #multiple health challenges,

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    Outside Looking In

    Autoimmune #sjogrens #Sj ögrens#Depression #PTSD #rheumatoid arthritis#Eczema #multiple surgeries (21)#Orthopedic transplants#adrenal insufficiency#afibillation #osteohypotension #IBS #dumping syndrome#jackhammer esophagus

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    Cosplay with M.S

    Due with COVID I haven’t been in conventions in 2 years I’ve cosplayed Spider-Man a few times. Cosplaying also kind of makes me forget about M.S for a while, #cope #Cosplay #multiple sclerosis

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    What do you think happens when you die??? They are a few different options to believe in ?

    I have to believe that we are living another life where we meet again or you will be happy and proud waiting for me at the pearly gates? Any other options for how lost soulmates to find each other for it is the only thing holding me together!!! #Brokenhearted #BipolarDisorder #multiple personality disorder

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    New to MS?

    If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed, you may not even know where to begin and what this means in terms of the rest of your life. I remember when the doctor left me in the room, I felt like I was teetering on a cliff. But the good news, for you and for me, is we are not alone.

    The "New to MS" Resource Guide links to info we want to know: the what's and how's of living, loving, working, treating and support for those with MS.

    #multiple sclerosis #newlydiagnosed #MightyTogether #ChronicIllness #Disabilities #Caregiving #Disability #Support #Fatigue


    Music for pre-op in 4-5 hours for a likely trauma triggering set of procedures?

    Hi Mighty community! Please send me the songs you would recommend for the above situation. If possible, Amazon (not unlimited) or Apple Music are preferred, or YouTube, so I can just quickly plug everything into a big playlist. Terrified and need a mighty playlist desperately. Thanks # PID#Complex trauma #multiple chronic illnesses


    What special thing does your little buddy do when you need cheering up?

    Sometimes Hodie and I went back and forth like siblings. But then I'd come home and there she's curled up in my wheelchair because she missed me.

    Didn't have a picture of her so I found a look-alike online.

    How does your pet cheer you up?

    #pets #Comfort #Dogs #Disability #multiple sclerosis #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #PanicDisorder #Agoraphobia #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #MentalHealth #MightyTogether #ADA


    Never give up ever

    Get stronger and smarter love abides #multiple #multipled by infinity of universe meow ruff love ya one love #forever ever forever ever aces high lol


    Love & Chronic Illness

    Why is loving so easy but receiving is so hard? Why can I give everyone my tome, energy, and effort but don’t feel worthy to receive it? Why do I feel on days I’m having trouble walking, or holding my fork to eat, that I am a burden. Or when I cannot see, or when parts of my body are numb, why do I feel so unworthy? “I love you for you. I love you for what you are and what you aren’t. I love you for what you have and what you don’t”........ She’s so happy to do anything for me, even if it’s to research something as simple as a new mattress. I mean good research down to a spreadsheet explaining the pressure, the price, location, reviews. I remember those times we go places and I think she gets even more upset than I do because it isn’t accessible enough. Or that time we went out to eat.... I had bad tremors and couldn’t get the shrimp fondue on my tortilla chip, so she gave me hers.... Maybe she does love me. #multiple Sclerosis.....Why do you make me feel that I do not deserve her? That I do not deserve this love.