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I'm having a serious flare up of pain it's so bad...

I usually have my pain well managed but the nature of my injuries are complex. I fractured both my heel bones (bilateral calcaneal fractures) years ago. I'm able to walk and use special insoles for comfort and gait.

guys I am so sore. I am not accustomed to this level of pain for this long and I have many areas of pain and discomfort with metal work etc. my spine and my thigh/pelvis.

as you can see from the photo it's a neuropathic type pain that's why it is so red and localised to that part of the foot. it is agony and I've had the highest dose of morphine and I'm still suffering. can anyone off any comfort just now?

thank you 🙏💜

#ChronicPain #Orthopedic #fractures #morphine

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#ChronicPain #Orthopedic #FootIssues

Today is my first day with my new Hoka shoes, which I hope will help with the pain in my foot and ankle.

Podiatrist last night said my lack of arch in my feet is making my right arch collapse even more, which is why I have pain (pinching) at the front of my ankle and on the top of my foot. She feels the pain and pinching in my right heel is Achilles Tendinitis.

Occasional pain on top of my left foot too, but the ankle (front and back seem fine today).