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Living active is hard in 2022

#justrightliving #baseball game
In 2022, it’s hard to stay active! With so many screens to follow or deliveries to our door-it can be hard to forget to move- one of the post powerful things we can do. When we create movement, when we create and share life with those around us we are #justrightliving 💜 Our Fall Ball Baseball game was formed around just that! A family day for our athletes to share their skills and abilities. The months of practice along with combing a health life style. We created this program around ones that need it the most. People, Youth, Our parents and Grand parents. Inclusion means including you. We are very proud to create #Healthy experiences that involve everyone! #Inclusion #special


Drool tools

I’m looking for suggestions for socially not embarrassing drool bibs for kids/teens
If anyone knows of shirts/vests/or similar items for older droolers please share #Caregiver #special needs # drool # oral tone #help

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Special Olympics Pusch Pikes Swim Team at Oro Valley Aquatic Center

We began practices this week and expect great performances from our athletes.
The expert volunteers make it all possible.
Thank you to each and every volunteer who serves around the world. #special Olympics #Volunteer #Pusch Pikes Swim Team #Athletes #Sports #special Populations


#special day condt:

Sorry guys for all the thoughts. It seems to be a collection. - I process. Sometimes it takes time & effort to reach my resolve.
Though hard to manage : time to accept and enjoy !! The one woman is there for me to release my feelings anytime I feel the need. The only viable alternative is my therapist.

Though I have not found the need to get upset and release lately- until today, my birthday. There will be more time ahead as my experience dictates. The mighty app is a plausible alternative at times, but the app doesn’t work for all situations.
Honestly, I pretty much enjoy the parties though they are much work and expense. After the parties are over I can sit back, relax and feel good. The accepting is hard; sometimes feels intolerable.


#special day Condt:

Just recvd birthday greeting from my brother. Made me happy!! 😍

Don’t remember having friends like this before I started having my emotional issues. Seems like yesterday my friend s celebrating w me. Even after I started having issues my friends were amazing.

What this illness does to you is unending. Friends is only one part.

Time to appreciate what I have and did have.
Happy birthday to me!!

Thanks for all the lovely responses so far and the wonderful birthday wishes. The 69 years have brought good times and hard times. By God, this is going to be one of those good, no great times!! Thank you again for all your good wishes!!

Have a great day!!


#special day contd: #

Yes. I feel I am being taken advantage of. Some of the things that have taken place when they have been to my house- I skirted by- thinking they did not realize.

But, what can I do about it? I think it is clear I need them. And amid the anger there is some joy. When they are here, at my house, they act very interested in what I have to say and act very concerned about my life.

Even though I feel I am being taken advantage of- I need them. I need their concern, their understanding and the joy I have to have visitors in my home.

Maybe I sound like a resentful angry person to those reading this. I’m sorry. I think some of that may be true I am sorry to say. But, most all of that is lifted when these ladies visit. They usually bring something - cheese and crackers, a dessert -

It is just at times like this- my birthday, Christmas- they don’t call in between - one may send a short text here or there- the other I hear nothing from- I realize how of little importance I am to them. And at the same time I realize how much importance and how much I need them. The mere fact I can text if I am upset - therefore nor bother my siblings - is such a great gift for me.


#special day contd.

‘Maybe it would be better to have nothing to do with them- these 2 friends- and be alone.

Who would be there to receive my texts when and if I get upset? One of these two ladies does do that for me. The other does nothing except drive both of them to my house when I have them over. This other person- ( friend) doesn’t text, or even call.

I need them. I think even though they do so little they serve an important purpose in my life.
As hard as it is to have them in my life- especially at a time like this- I think it would be harder to do without them. I have no one else to take their place.
I had 3 friends who have since passed away who could not do enough for me. I miss them. But, they are gone.
I have these 2 friends now.
I don’t want to be sad on my birthday. I want to think of these friends from the past and feel fortunate for having had their friendships. I want to feel the joy from the 2 friends I have now . Having them over brings me joy.
There is joy. Just not like before. I want to be thankful!!
Who knows what the future holds!!


#special day contd

It just upsets me because I have done so much for these 2 friends: dinners, gifts, liquor w dinners, sleep overs w both dinner and breakfast and they just continue to amaze me with how little or nothing they do in return. I know you are not supposed to expect things in return. But, my birthday? One did not even send greetings— they don’t call- like ever.. and not to send any kind of birthday sentiment.. one did send a card.

I know I am thankful for the card. And I know this is the best I can expect. People stay away because of my intense anxiety. It is at times like this - that it is just hard to accept.


#special day!!

Today is my birthday!!

I got one birthday card in the mail from a friend for my birthday. My sister sent me a birthday card in the mail also.
Have few friends. It is what I got. I thought the card I was sent from a friend had beautiful sentiment. I was thrilled. So, I texted her. I asked her if she read the card before purchasing. It was a wonderful card. I was so touched. She never responded.

So, today I thank the Lord for my husband who is loyal and I am thankful for my siblings. My late parents worked very hard and raised 6 of us. 3 of whom remembered me on my birthday via text or 1 by mail. I am thankful for that. And thankful for the one card I got from a friend. Though I have yet to find out about the sincerity of the sentiment behind the card from the friend, she still went to the trouble to drop something in the mail.
Should I be thrilled? Probably not. Thrilled is probably not a realistic feeling. I think maybe I am/was expecting too much. Many people don’t read cards before they send. Though I do and my sisters and husband do, so I can be thankful for them— and of course for the one card I got for a friend. Instead of dwelling on what didn’t happen. Think about what did and what I have: loyal husband, loving siblings and one kind of friend. That is what I got. And be thankful. I am still working - one day every 2 weeks. And be thankful for that. I really have a lot to be thankful for. Time to enjoy and be happy!! Now,, happy, happy birthday to myself.

It is just hard when you have few friends or almost no friends. Is this my fault? Whatever the reason this is what I got.
Looking at the glass half empty? Maybe so. I received 2 birthday cards in the mail!! One from a sibling and one from a friend!! Happy for that!!

Well, now I am about the enjoy my 69 th birthday with my husband and maybe take a walk.