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Living active is hard in 2022

#justrightliving #baseball game
In 2022, it’s hard to stay active! With so many screens to follow or deliveries to our door-it can be hard to forget to move- one of the post powerful things we can do. When we create movement, when we create and share life with those around us we are #justrightliving 💜 Our Fall Ball Baseball game was formed around just that! A family day for our athletes to share their skills and abilities. The months of practice along with combing a health life style. We created this program around ones that need it the most. People, Youth, Our parents and Grand parents. Inclusion means including you. We are very proud to create #Healthy experiences that involve everyone! #Inclusion #special


Busy day today

Thought for the day
Sometimes later becomes never, Do it Now!
#chronic pain,# fibromyalgia, #positive thoughts, #Distract me, #check in with me, #grateful each day, #grounding techniques and distraction techniques to stave off flashbacks, #baseball games serving me well right now!
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