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    Worst Nightmare Ever

    I’ve always been sensitive to pretty much everything, as a Highly Sensitive Person, and that includes the spiritual realm. I promise you that it’s real and evil exists beyond just the immoral actions and thoughts of human beings. If I hadn’t experienced the presence of evil in different situations in my past, I might not have taken this dream so seriously.

    Last night, I had the most terrifying nightmare I’ve ever had. It started out as a pretty common scene: I was in bed next to my husband, and the kids had come into the room and were sleeping fitfully on the floor. Then, my fan started turning off and on sporadically, as though the electricity was flickering. First, I told the kids to be still, thinking, sleepily, that their movements were somehow causing it, then I felt a presence in the room, like an evil spirit hovering in the air. Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and the evil spirit was trying to enter me through my mouth. I prayed earnestly for God’s protection, and the spirit backed off, but tried again. I continued praying, until I woke up, terrified, and begged for Ron to wake up and help me. “Something evil is trying to get inside me! It’s not a dream! Pray for me!” I cried out. Ron turned over, grabbed my hand and prayed God’s protection and peace over me. I prayed, too, “Jesus, you are my rock and my salvation, please protect me! Amen.” I spent the next several minutes trying to calm myself and convince myself that it really was “just” a dream. I don’t know that I’ll ever fully believe that. I’ve had too many encounters with the spiritual realm to believe that they couldn’t manipulate a dream to cover their shenanigans. All I know is that it felt SO real, and so incredibly terrifying. But, God protected me, as He always has, and my faith is stronger than ever, so whether or not I was truly under spiritual attack is a moot point. I tell you what, though. There’s a sin habit that I’ve been struggling to be done with that I’ve definitely renewed my battle against, because of this. I definitely don’t need ANY cracks in my relationship with God, after an experience like that!!


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