Hello, The Mighty community!

I have been married to my wonderful, incredibly caring and patient husband for just over a year and we were together for two years before that.

I have chronic migraines anywhere from 2-5/week and also fibromyalgia. Both of these conditions flare up very unpredictably meaning I might have to call out of work on any given day.

The last month has been especially bad for my health and I have had to miss a lot of work and haven't been able to help out much around the house.

Though my husband is always so caring even for weeks on end of bad health. But I know that he understandably gets very stressed about the lack of income from me missing work, and ontop of that he has to pick up some of my extra slack from being out and not tending to some of the basic house things (like taking care of our fur baby).

Does anyone else in this situation have advice?

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