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We are real, we are special #Depression

I am tired, tired of feeling misunderstood. Pain is criticized. I have lived fighting against an overwhelming mind, which does nothing but hurt me. I have spent years in an overwhelming internal struggle. I find it hard to understand myself from what I understand that others cannot. I feel that I live imprisoned in my head. sometimes I don't see anything, not even black, nothing. and society excludes us for being different, and I think they are deeply mistaken in understanding that difference as something bad. pain, suffering make us strong, make us conscious make us be alive, be real. we are not afraid to connect with others from our vulnerabilities. I think pain makes us more human. so I struggle every day with accepting my story and even loving it. I think that we should not hate ourselves for how we are, more complex and sensitive. we are interesting people, with hard stories that should be heard. Now I know that I am different, in the sense that I have grown so much, that sometimes I feel like I reach the moon, because I passed all those meteorites that wanted to destroy me, I also saw the most beautiful stars on the way. And today I am on the moon, with people who have also come here fighting every day. #special #diferent #strugglesofanoverthinkingmind


I offered some experience today about pani c attacks at work. I haven’t worked in over a year now and the toxic workplace I was referring too was 5 years ago. I finally fell asleep tonight and I had a nightmare.. and my old job was the location. 😩😩😩 #strugglesofanoverthinkingmind


Tired of the things I Have to Do to Stay Mentally Healthy

It feels like a never ending cycle of getting up, being somewhat sorted and falling down again. It takes so little to throw me off. I work so hard to do everything I need to do to take care of myself, and I'm just so tired of it.

Tired of feeling like I got something sorted, only for it to slip through my fingers and the battle starts all over again. I know it won't ever be simple, but why does it always have to be so hard.

Just wanted to get this thought out of my head before it destroys me from the inside.

#MentalHealth #strugglesofanoverthinkingmind   #tiredoffighting



Currently struggling. Mentally. My panic attacks are coming back, and are making me not wanting to leave the house 🏠 or to even go to work. Today I called out again. It’s like it’s never going to end. Like it’s just going to get worse. I legit have no one or no friends that I can go and talk to about what goes inside my head, no one who understands what I’m going through. Every day is a struggle. #MentalHealth #strugglesofanoverthinkingmind #whenwillitend