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idk about you but i overthink alot..to the point that i start overthinking my overthinking..it bothers me to the point i feel like something is wrong w me..i cant shut my mind off or slow it down but i can remember these great things when i find myself overthinking

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In my head #overthinking #SocialAnxiety

Do you ever feel like someone is annoyed or mad at you but you know it’s not at you but you can’t get it out of your head it’s at you so your mad at them for no reason

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I feel overwhelmed..

Do you ever feel like you wanna be somewhere but you don’t know where? Or you wanna be alone but at the same time want someone to be by your side because if you’re alone your mind takes you to dark places? What is this feeling? Is it #Anxiety ? #Depression or am I just #overthinking ? #overwhelmed

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Overthinking 🧐

I find myself more and more mentally exhausted these days and this is the reason why. How do you escape from your own thoughts? Tried telling myself to stop thinking, meditating, and no bueno.

#MentalHealth #overthinking #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression

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Relationships and trauma

Definitely affects the relationships I’m trying to build right now because i don’t have the same guilty pleasures as the others around me and have a hard time finding common ground but again still trying.

I despise reality shows and that seems to be the majority’s guilty pleasure. Don’t talk to me about the latest Kardashian/Bachelor/Housewife drama.
Its all superficial and fabricated, in my opinion

Talk to me about your goals, your dreams, thoughts, or struggles. I want to have deep and meaningful conversations. I want the real you, raw, damaged, imperfect you.

#MentalHealth #Trauma #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SocialAnxiety #overthinking

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I am new here.

Hi. I suffer from severe anxiety issues and it is unbearable and exhausting. The overthinking about things that even didn't happen and getting anxiety from things unrelated to me is what I go through every second of my life. I am trying hard to change this but I am unable and defeated. I hope someday I will be just OK.
#Anxiety #overthinking #proliferations

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