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    How to conquer shyness

    Hello beautiful people! I’m seeking y’all’s advice how to stop being so shy and just go for it.
    One thing about me - I love to feel emotions! And lately, I feel them a lot. But I’m not sure if it’s bad or good thing.
    Now, story time: Almost three weeks ago I went to the store to get my groceries. And there was this one guy who caught my eye. He was taking my order. I’ll spare you all the cute things I’ve thought of him. The way he looked at me with a half smile made me blush. And since then, I can’t get him out of my head.
    I go to the store every other day, and sometimes I catch him looking, and the other times he seems to act like he doesn’t see me.
    I didn’t get a chance to get served by him since the first time.
    I’m too shy to try to talk to him. I overthink that maybe he doesn’t like me, or I’ll look like a fool.
    Beside, there’s this one girl that works with him, and he seems to talk to her a lot. Which makes me feel super insecure. I’m not sure if it’s just a friendly work talk, or maybe he likes her.
    Anyway, I was at the store yesterday. And we were literally walking towards each other and looking. I tried to smile but I’m not sure if it actually looked like a smile, because I got so stressed. And I turned away quickly, because his face was so serious. When I was waiting in line, he was right next to me but I didn’t dare to speak. I wanted to, but I was too hesitant. Plus, I didn’t even know what to say. And again, he talked to the other girl every now and then. I figured that maybe he’s not interested, because after all he could have talked to me as well, or at least - look at me, or smile.
    I don’t know what to do, how to find out if I caught his attention, too. Or how to get myself to talk to him.
    Thank you in advance! #Anxiety #overthinking #SocialAnxiety

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    Never Sleep at the Right Time of Day

    I’m awake now and can’t get back to sleep. Then during the day I am exhausted and fall asleep mid afternoon because it’s physically impossible to stay awake. Then I can’t sleep again at night. I wake up anxious multiple times a night. #Insomnia #Anxiety #overthinking #Cantsleep

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    Said too much? #Anxiety

    I saw a friend/mentor today, our first real visit since covid. I feel comfortable around her, but after our visit I was reflecting on some of the things I said and now I think I said too much. That maybe I was a bit negative.
    I hate that feeling!!! I keep replaying our conversation, only to think more and more than I should have cast a more positive outlook on things. That I was too negative for somone I had not seen in about two years. #overthinking

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    If Only I Could Care Less, Though I Care Too Much

    It has been almost a week and the words are still echoing inside of my head. That I am inconsiderate and don't care enough. Its plays in a constant loop and it comes and goes. I play it off like it doesn't affect me...it did and it still does. Emotionless on the surface but a hurricane inside my brain. I am exhausted from the way my mind works. Constant over-thinking, over-analytical suppression. It bothers me a lot that a single person can speak words that affect my whole mood, my hour, my day, my week. I will be fine eventually, just really needed to vent. #BPD #overthinking #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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    × " My Sanctuary & Safe Space Are Litterly Kind Of At My Job " × #Sigh #Lowmood #Insomnia

    × " I Feel So Out Of Place Sometime's When It Come's To My Sibling's They Make Me Feel Like A Failure In So Many Way's. This Is Why I Keep Alot Of Thing's That I Have Been Through In My Life To Myself. Because All They Do Is Critique Me... Or If I Want A Partner In My Life. My Happy Place Is At Work... Because I Get To Destress My Sibling's Stress Me Out. This Is Insane... So I Was Thinking About Doing The D.N.A Testing Thing Because I'm Adopted... Now I Have Decided NOT To Go Through With It.. Why Because One Of My Sibling's Just Did It... And It Turn's Out Thier Biological Father Is A Child R**** Predator.. So Yeah It's Best To Be My Unique Self After All... My Mighty Family Is Right Here... And I Couldn't Be More Happier To Have This Better Gift. " × Sincerly, ☆ S. K. ☆ #overthinking #Thought 's

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    I feel like sometimes I do overthink the obvious in certain situations to the point where it makes me sad and depressed. For example, I have this one friend who hardly ever makes time for me, because he’s always busy. Whenever I plan something for us to do like going to the movies, going for a walk in the park, or even go out somewhere to lunch, he would say would say something like “I’ll let you know when I’m free”. I’ve been waiting for weeks to hear from him to let me know when he’s free he never did. Another example when I call him he won’t answer, he would let it go straight to voicemail and then minutes later he sent me a text saying “ I’ll call you right back” or “ Give me a sec”, but never called me back. Sometimes I feel like he is using the “I’m busy” as an excuse to not spend time with me, but I have to understand that people have busy lives and I’m not always gonna be that person’s first priority. That person might be going through a lot with family, school and work for what it is. I’ve experienced disappointment and abandonment as a child and its the worst pain to ever go through as a child. I try my hardest to understand him, but my overthinking state of mind takes over and I’m really trying my hardest to get it under control but it’s hard. I just want it to stop.

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    Up Again with Mounting Anxiety

    I awake every night anxious. Chest tight. Heart racing. What is the source of this reaction? I don’t know. Was it a nightmare? What was the nightmare about?

    Is the feeling about something going on in my life? I create stories in my head to justify the overwhelming fear. I cannot seem to come down from the edge.

    All I can see are my fears raging down below. I try to distract myself with any means possible. I am able to come back down, but my body is still tense, unable to release so I can go back to sleep.

    Finally, I can feel myself starting to drift off. As I fall into the restful slumber, the peace that sleep brings finally takes over.

    Again, I awake a morning arrives and forces me out of my sleep to start the day. So soon? But I just fell asleep a half hour ago.

    #Insomnia #Anxiety #overthinking #Cantsleep

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    When it‘s all too much

    I feel I get sadder and sadder everyday. But the thing is, I cannot cry. I have the urge to cry, then I feel the tears coming up but nothing happens. It‘s like I‘m a dry desert, therefore no water‘s coming out. I wonder if I would feel relief or if it wouldn‘t help at all. My brain is already chaos enough, so why are all those crazy things happening all at once on the outside? I feel overwhelmed and want this spinning wheel to stop but it feels like I cannot keep up. I want this all to stop.

    #Depression #Anxiety #overthinking

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    Moving On

    <p>Moving On</p>