Hi Mighties,

It is 2 am and I am awake and nervous.

Today I have an apointment with my immunologist to find out what kind of inflammatory syndrom I have.

And I get advise about wheelchairs in a mobility aid shop. Guess I need a light chair, and just want to hire(or rent) it to try out whether it is good for me.

My hEDS got much worse within some months. Now I am once again back from hospital cause of a seizure, but I also got a real bad flare. I am just able to get around with bandages and crutches. So I am fed up. I decided it is time for my first wheelchair.

I feel scared But. I got so much inputs from other zebras here and on youtube and from wheelchairusers which are friends or collegues that I feel strong and am convinced I can go for it.

My next aim: going to the zoo by wheelchair to sketch zebras 🦓🦓