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This is my chinchilla. I have only had her for 2 weeks. I have been working with her so that she will let me rub her cheeks and Chin and ears. Also I have been working on having her come out of the cage on her own because chasing her would be traumatizing to her. Yesterday I had tremendous success! Not only did she let me rub her face but with a little encouragement she came out of her cage all on her own. She is so sweet and so soft and she is already giving me great comfort. I cannot wait until we have been together for a long time and she has learned to trust me completely! #MightyPets #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #MajorDepression #furbabies #supportpet

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Name that chinchilla/ support pet

I put a post on here the other day about getting a chinchilla. Well I went ahead and got one. She is really cute. Now I am trying to find a name for her. I'm terrible with names. So far the names of pre consideration are dusty rose and Isabella. I would welcome any other suggestions on this post if you feel like it. Here's to hoping she has a nice comfortable and long life with me. #BipolarDisorder #supportpet #deppression #Anxiety #namethatpet #ADHD


Support pets

Has anyone ever had a small animal for a support pet? Like a chinchilla for example? I ask because I am planning to get a chinchilla. I am not able to get a dog or a cat at this time. I thought a small animal in a cage would be much easier for me to handle. I just wondered if anybody else had a small animal in a cage that they found comfort from? How are these little furry creatures at providing emotional support? Obviously it's not like a dog that will look away your tears so it will be different but and feeling excited. #BipolarDisorder #supportpet #deppression #Anxiety #ADHD #MajorDepression