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    I’m very curious what other people been through. Nobody has to open up but whoever wants to: I’d love to read your story, I wanna know what made you the person you are today. What gave you the strength to continue? What gave you hope?

    I don’t wish a bad fate on anybody but I think even if you’ve been through bad times it can be so inspiring to some. I really admire many many people on this app.

    #MightyTogether #Depression #MajorDepression #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD

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    Can someone please pray for me

    I really need some patience with myself and I feel like I’m going down a huge spiral once again after a looooong time. Please guys leave some love. I feel so lonely. I have so many people that I could talk to but I feel like they’re far away from being able to understand. I really need someone that I could cry my eyes out to. A hug… some love, some patience. Please god give me some guidance to get myself back together.
    The only song that comforts me is I look to you from whitney.

    As I lay me down
    Heaven hear me now
    I'm lost without a cause
    After giving it my all
    Winter storms have come
    And darkened my sun
    After all that I've been through
    Who on earth can I turn to
    I look to you
    I look to you
    After all my strength is gone
    In you I can be strong
    I look to you
    I look to you
    And when melodies are gone
    In you I hear a song
    I look to you
    After losing my breath
    There's no more fighting left
    Sinking to rise no more
    Searching for that open door
    And every road that I've taken
    Led to my regret
    And I don't know if I'm gonna make it
    Nothing to do but lift my head
    I look to you

    Ooh man I love Whitney’s smile. :((

    If you feel down today know you’re not alone. Love goes out to everyone within the mighty community. Please don’t give up yet. Please.

    #MightyTogether #MajorDepression #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety

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    Please help me

    I can’t understand why I neglect myself. I should take my medication because without them TW!! I get suicidal thoughts. And please don’t comment mean things. I’m just describing you just the way it is, I’m not here to start a debate on anti depressants. They work for me which I’m so thankful for. The issue is me, I neglect my own needs, I can’t shower, I don’t brush my teeth, I can’t clean my house, I don’t take my medication. The only things i have energy for is other people because im a people pleaser. What the hell is wrong with me? Even when I take my anti depressants I neglect myself, the only difference is I feel way less worse than I do without them. I feel like a failure. Please someone help me. #Depression #MajorDepression #Anxiety #help

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    Trolled by your best friend? You just might be dealing with a #narcissist

    A best friend does NOT kick you when you're down...not even subtley.

    Original post: Dual Diagnosis -- Autism & CPTSD

    #narcissism #MajorDepression #Autism #CPTSD #unsolicitedcriticsm

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    So true (pulled off my FB page)

    No one can tell us how we feel. No matter what we all deal with, depression, constant pain or otherwise. They don't live inside our bodies. #MajorDepression #chronic pain. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S !!

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    Found this cardinal outside my window after I meditated. It’s one of my favorite birds #Anxiety #MajorDepression #Autism #ADHD

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    Too much

    Is anyone else feeling a little heavy or triggered by all the suicide talk surrounding the recent suicide of Stephen "tWitch" Boss? All of a sudden mental health is important for a fleeting few days. I'm already struggling with the holidays and then all this, especially from people who do not have mental health issues, it's just too much. From one broken brain to another. RIP twitch 🕯 #MajorDepression #BipolarDepression #ChronicDepression #Depression #Suicide #SuicideAwareness #MentalHealth

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    Auvelity #MajorDepression #Depression

    Starting this new medication tomorrow, curious if anyone else has tried it and if so did you have any signs of improvement?