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I suck

Not sure where to start been looking into councillors and psychologists and contacting them etc but does anyone have that poor of mental health where they think they are beyond help?

I’m on 40mg of citalopram a day and they help compared to not being on them, but it don’t cure what’s deep inside. The misery I’ve felt daily for 19 years that’s been patched up with pills.

Of course going to try with the support, but for a very long time 19 years exactly I have been stuck with these feelings of anxiety, depression, paranoia, HSP and low self esteem also fuelled by current and past trauma with bad relationships, some family and old friends. So it would be nice to hear others experiences to or expert advice. I’ve only ever seen a councillor once at the age of 17 and that was an unpleasant experience now 32.

I suppose opening up these thoughts today also gets me down then I’m thinking I really do suck.

Any psychologists on here let me know :-) I may even be able to help if someone has an issue with something to.

#deppression #Depression #Anxiety #MajorDepressiveDisorder #HSP #empathic #ParanoidPersonalityDisorder #Trauma #MajorDepressiveDisorder #HighlySensitive

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How would you know if you need a professional help? #howtoknow

What if this thing going on inside my head is just another bad day?

What if I only need to have a big time of Retail Therapy?

I think I only need a personal assistant who can do all the chores.

I think I only need a million to spend everyday just to relax?!

So, do you think I need a profesional help?

#rambling #deppression #therapyornottherapy

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#Addiction #Addict #HeroinAddiction #deppression #MentalHealth

Hi I'm new here I suffer with mental health and have addiction issues I'm not a mixer of people so trying to build up some sort of support through thos app as I have herd ppl rave about it

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Don't let otheers define who you are

Never, ever let anyone define who you are. Donxt let them judge you and tell you how you should or shouldn't feel. Your feelings are no one else's but your own, and you and only you are in control of your feelings. Never let others push you around and make you feel bad about yourself because you are perfect. #feelings #Anxiety #deppression #TheMighty

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Spring time #bpb #DID #PTSD #Bipolar #Anxiety #Migraine #Pain healing #arthitis #s #suicideattempt #deppression #

Trying to keep up the face for people but sometimes it is very hard to do . Has anyone else ever felt like they have to put on a mask to the outside world .



Lasnight I was doing my normal constantly checking my bp and spo2 my wife is so tired of me it ridiculous honestly feel like she gonna leave me my panic attacks have gotten worse but what really freaked me out is the chest pains dizziness and weakness I've felt all week accompanied by when I was laying down my arms hurt shoulders were tense and my heart rate said 33 bpm me being me I woke my wife up freaking out this did not go over well i took my pulse alot more after that it was in the 50s but never went back to 33 I've been waking up with headaches and scared to go to sleep at night needles to say I'm going to the doc to get checked today hopping it was just a bad reading but I can't control the excessive fear I have over my health I feel weak worthless and tired the pains in my arm hurt And I foucus in on that and chest pain evryday now I'm scared to be alone and scared my wife is gonna be so sick of me she's gonna leave which makes it worse I get panic attacks on top of the pain and it makes it much worse I'm terrified constantly in fear and exhausted either I'm going mad our I do have something wrong with me .. #HealthAnxiety #Anxiety #deppression