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Community Voices


Lasnight I was doing my normal constantly checking my bp and spo2 my wife is so tired of me it ridiculous honestly feel like she gonna leave me my panic attacks have gotten worse but what really freaked me out is the chest pains dizziness and weakness I've felt all week accompanied by when I was laying down my arms hurt shoulders were tense and my heart rate said 33 bpm me being me I woke my wife up freaking out this did not go over well i took my pulse alot more after that it was in the 50s but never went back to 33 I've been waking up with headaches and scared to go to sleep at night needles to say I'm going to the doc to get checked today hopping it was just a bad reading but I can't control the excessive fear I have over my health I feel weak worthless and tired the pains in my arm hurt And I foucus in on that and chest pain evryday now I'm scared to be alone and scared my wife is gonna be so sick of me she's gonna leave which makes it worse I get panic attacks on top of the pain and it makes it much worse I'm terrified constantly in fear and exhausted either I'm going mad our I do have something wrong with me .. #HealthAnxiety #Anxiety #deppression

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Name that chinchilla/ support pet

<p>Name that chinchilla/ support pet</p>
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Support pets

Has anyone ever had a small animal for a support pet? Like a chinchilla for example? I ask because I am planning to get a chinchilla. I am not able to get a dog or a cat at this time. I thought a small animal in a cage would be much easier for me to handle. I just wondered if anybody else had a small animal in a cage that they found comfort from? How are these little furry creatures at providing emotional support? Obviously it's not like a dog that will look away your tears so it will be different but and feeling excited. #BipolarDisorder #supportpet #deppression #Anxiety #ADHD #MajorDepression

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Here's a little somthing to get you through the day

<p>Here's a little somthing to get you through the day</p>
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I was just added to the group and dicided to talk for a bit, my name is Allen, and I am agender (he/they).I have a system of 24+ alters, I'm currently in higschool and I'm struggling to keep a positive outlook on everything.

I am depressed and tried to end my life 2 times (both attempts never got farther then reaching for a item) and when ever I open up to my parent (wich happens alot, I can keep my mouth closed) or breakdown they get mad at me and will yell even when I'm having a full blown panic attack, Disassociating, or a alter fronts(they just get mad at me for "giving up control of your body").

I think I might have adhd and autism, I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet (only told to do good in school and take some meds) so I just stuck guessing what's going on.

I always think my system is not real. I spent 3 years questioning, I tried to listen to the voices but it always fadded away. I'm practically blind in the head space, it's hard to see detail but I Can feel it all, and I have trouble keeping in a conversation I'm having with a alter. With everyone saying it's fake it's hard not to think so

I have so many doubts going on in a Environment that's not helping anything just looking for a stable mind in everything. And sorry if I shared to much #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #deppression

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Community Voices
Community Voices

Mans best friend

<p>Mans best friend</p>
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Cant sleep

#PTSD #Anxity #deppression

I am worried about everything and nothing and I have a busy day tomorrow and I cant sleep and I am tried. I cant stop thinking.

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New to this group

I have had #Anxiety and #deppression since 2002. In 2017 I was diagnosed with #Bipolar 2. Through all of this I continued to teach my students with special needs. I didn't return to work until the fall of 2018 because my school didn't have a position for me. During the third month of the year I was assaulted by one of my students it gave me a concussion. I hoped to return in a couple weeks, but that wasn't to be.... Post Concussion Syndrome, almost daily migraines, exasperated depression, exasperated anxiety and #PTSD . It is June 2021 and I still am out of work.... my colleagues don't call anymore, I send messages that aren't returned. I have worked for 30 years..... my career did not end on my terms.... I thought that I had built friendships, but the reality was I was wrong. It hurts... yet another loss. I have developed post traumatic seizures and cannot drive.

These 3 years have had been difficult on my relationship with my husband. He understands the PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar. He tries to understand the effects the Post Concussion Syndrome, migraines and increased depression.... but sometimes he just doesn't understand that how we react is based on our needs and our reactions aren't the same.

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