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It’s been a while…

I’ve not been on here in a long time.. wow…

Work has been crazy, it’s exam time (even though exams are cancelled, they’ve to sit exams which aren’t exams but are actually exams…. Yup)

I’ve been on Sertraline now since the end of September 2020 and despite still getting some rough effects from it (floaters, the worst heartburn ever and headaches); I feel 400x better than I ever have. I’ve started to love my job again (I always have, I just forgot how much I love it…) and I’ve cut several toxic people from my life.

Some big news…. I’m going back to uni…. kind of! I’ll be studying Italian as an additional teaching qualification one night a week starting the end of August which I’m super excited about! 🇮🇹 📚

I’m also house hunting (to buy) which isn’t going so well as the market here is crazy. Think I’m going to put this on hold for a while until things calm down.

I still struggle with my thoughts from time to time. I’m still working on conquering the overwhelming loneliness I feel sometimes and I still find it hard to manage my emotions but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

I forgot how much I love this app for documenting my journey to finding happiness and strength again. ✨

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Sick Days for Teachers

Hey All So I recently saw a post about sick days for teachers. I have mental illnesses and was a full-time teacher but due to them and other problems had to step away. Many times I had money taken out of my paycheck for subs. Any other teachers ( past or present dealt/deal with this What are your thoughts #MentalHealth #teacherswithmentalllness #Sickdays