Another rare moment of the Duke of Bork actually looking happy! Cold weather, snow, and chewing bones are his happy places. And even though he is getting on in years now, he was so energised by the snow he was racing around in full on crazy DGAF sassy pants mode—which never fails to uplift our spirits 🥰

On my side, I’ve been quiet because I’ve just had an old root canal extracted. It was capped with metal and the platinum in it put a stop to my heavy metal removal regime, because there’s not much point continuing while you still have a source of metal in your body. It’s been on my health bucket list for some time.

Regular dentists say they won’t remove what they perceive to be a healthy looking tooth without cause, so I had to find myself a holistic dentist who better understood my needs. Despite possibly facing a soft food Christmas, things so far have been good in that he found an infection in the socket. I’ve suspected dental issues have been a contributing factor in my health for at least 10 years now, so I’m very hopefully that in a month or so I will notice some improvement.

In the interim there’s a chance we may get some heavy snow overnight. If we do, I’ll be dragging the snow shoes back out for me and for the puppies. The little one loves his so much, and I have a very cute picture of him running toward me legs akimbo which I’ll save for another Furriday distraction.

I hope that you are all in reasonably good health, and that you have the best possible pre Crimbo weekend. Sending virtual spoons to all who might need them, Taryn 🤍

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