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I just found out that my nephew is going to name his baby after my abusive father. I am triggered immensely. I discontinued my relationship with my dad five years ago. My family has never supported me. Over the years no one believed me and always just dismissed my pain and depression . My father was good at buying people’s love and keeping the family secrets very secret. It took a lot of strength for me to end the relationship with my father as I stood alone in my decision. Well, my loving husband supported me which has been a gift to me after all I have had to endure from my family. I am so sad that this new baby coming into this world will be named after such an incredibly abusive man. And it will be celebrated. What do I do? How can I not be so triggered by this? I am so sad...

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I was 2 when my alcoholic father started sexually abusing me it lasted 4 years and then at age 6 an older kid molested me and it stopped my father's abuse at least sexually. I was still verbally, physically, emotionally abused for 18 plus years from that point. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 21. I was triggered at work tonight when asked if I could have kids...and I can't I have a hostile womb. However I have a hostile womb because of his choices. His choices stole the one thing a woman is designed to do from me. Excuse me while I work through this sadness again. :(