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I'M very disappointed with PSW workers in my city

My PSW worker hasn't come for the past 3 Fridays in a row.I did not get any phone call or message that anyone couldn't come. This is a service of mine. This is something i look forward to. I doubt anyone will come this week with the long weekend coming. It's not fair. If i miss days. I should be made up. I don't even know if the lady called my caseworker asking for more funding for my self. When my funding would start back up this April that past, it was suppose to go back to two days. Never happened. I never got to go to day trips into the city. I'M just fed up with this PSW workers in my city. It isn't ran very well. Needs to be better. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #psw #oshawa #tristansplace #Canada #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Depression

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So someone did come today. So that is good, It appears someone will come the following week. So yeah not weekly like it was before. Hopeful i get more funding soon, so i can get more days again.. I'M trying to stay postive and stay hopeful.

Today we went to this park where you can feed the birds and the geeses and what not. Then went to second hand stores.And then was outside for a bid. I'M hoping i can go again. To take pictures.#themight #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #LearningDisabilities #tristansplace #dso

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