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I hope my cousin is alright, I feel bad me and my dad isn't able to help him. Just the house isn't enough room for 3 ppl and a dog. (When you have 2 cats). With having the house up for sale, doesn't look good having all theses people in the house when you need to have people view it. He didn't even really explain what happened. Did he lose his house? Did he have a fire or does something need to be fixed? Anyways i gave hiom some places he can stay at. He never called my dad back or messaged me back. When someone says they are only gonna stay a few weeks, can overlap to longer time. It's not that i don't know help. I wish i could. I think i would feel uncomfortable having a person stay in the house who i don't know. (his gf). Hopeful he can get back on his feet soon.

#themight #MightyTogether #Depression #MentalHealth #Anxiety

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So someone did come today. So that is good, It appears someone will come the following week. So yeah not weekly like it was before. Hopeful i get more funding soon, so i can get more days again.. I'M trying to stay postive and stay hopeful.

Today we went to this park where you can feed the birds and the geeses and what not. Then went to second hand stores.And then was outside for a bid. I'M hoping i can go again. To take pictures.#themight #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #LearningDisabilities #tristansplace #dso

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Good morning on this Wild Wacky Wednesday!

🐾 Happy Wednesday Enjoy a blessed, stress free day! ☕️☕️ 🌾🍁🌻🎃🧡 😁.🌻🍃

☼´¯)¸.´¯) Good Morning Everyone 🌻🍃

(¸❀´ (¸.🌻🍃´´¯`•.¸¸. ❥ Happy Wednesday 🌻🍃#themight #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #LearningDisability #Faith #MentalHealth